Is the McRib really leaving the McDonald’s menu forever?

McRib Farewell Tour, photo provided by McDonald's,
McRib Farewell Tour, photo provided by McDonald's, /

Call it the end of an era, but a recent tweet from McDonald’s has everyone commenting on the McRib leaving the McDonald’s menu, forever. While this year’s McRib return has been dubbed the “Farewell Tour,” there is a question if this swansong is like some pop icons last and final tours. Although everyone might want to turn back time, it might be time to believe that favorite food might be off the menu.

While everyone has their favorite McDonald’s order, the McRib has become legendary. From its pop culture connection to the limited availability, when the saucy, boneless pork sandwich hits the menu people cannot get enough. Whether it is the crunch from the onion, the tanginess from the pickles, or just a craving for something different, there is no doubt that people must place that food order.

Over the years, McDonald’s has leveraged McRib season in creative ways. From a recent NFT to the infamous McRib locator, there has been no shortage of creativity in celebrating this McDonald’s menu item. Although Homer Simpson might dream of that first bite, the excitement over the limited time offering is often over the top.

In a recent Tweet, McDonald’s announced that the McRib is having its farewell tour. Although it is unclear if this year’s event, starting on October 31, is really the sandwich’s final appearance, some people are hoping that the tour goes on and on, like many a favorite singer’s final tour that seems to have lasted for almost a decade.

But, the idea of a McRib farewell tour has fans feeling nostalgic. Whether it is remembering that first taste or sharing the experience with someone special, many people are compelled to enjoy the sandwich one more time.

And, since the McRib could be leaving the McDonald’s menu forever, many people will want something special to keep that beloved sandwich with them forever. Luckily, there will be a wide array of merch available for purchase. The nostalgic merch line will be available at starting at November 4 at 11 a.m. ET. While prices vary, there will be some items for just $0.99. When that saucy sandwich is just a tasty memory, this merch could be the solace to get people through the grief.

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Are you ready to get that taste of a McRib for one last time? Do you really think that the McRib Farewell Tour is the end for the beloved sandwich or is another version waiting to be revealed?