Move over butter boards and make space for the mayo board

Hellmann's Mayo Board, photo provided by Hellmann's
Hellmann's Mayo Board, photo provided by Hellmann's /

Looking for the next big food trend? While people can debate the infamous butter board, the reality is that people like to graze. There is something to be said for having a spread of food choices within reach. Add to the idea that people can “play” with each bite, the engagement around the table brings people back for more. If the butter shortage is to be believed, it could be time to jump on a new board idea. Ready to get dipping with the mayo board?

For many people, mayonnaise is a versatile condiment that has a multitude of uses. While it might be a staple on a sandwich, the spread is much more than that one use. From making mashed potatoes creamy and rich to keeping that chocolate cake moist, that jar is constantly in use.

Whether people are impacted by the potential butter shortage or are just looking to stretch food dollars by finding multiple uses for a single ingredient, it appears that mayonnaise is becoming a hot commodity. And, it appears that it is time to get dipping with that mayo board.

How to make a mayo board

Recently, Hellmann’s shared a version of a mayo board. Whether served for Sunday tailgating, a movie night, or as a side dish for dinner, this idea is all about mayo and fries. Although this dipping companion is popular in Europe, some people are ready to skip the ketchup and try a creamy condiment.

This board idea uses a combination of Hellmann’s products. In addition, it features several types of fries. The idea is to sample all the food choices on the board.

Hellmann's Mayo Board, photo provided by Hellmann's
Hellmann’s Mayo Board, photo provided by Hellmann’s /

Here are the ingredients for the mayo board.


  • Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise – made with quality, real & simple ingredients
  • Hellmann’s Spicy Mayonnaise Dressing – a classic creamy taste now with a bold twist
  • chives, chopped
  • flakey salt
  • curly fries
  • regular fries
  • sweet potato fries
  • sweet potato waffle fries

While this concept is a fry and mayo board, it could offer some home cooks some other culinary inspiration. Why not have a dipping board on the table for that next dinner. Or, as the holiday approaches, consider a condiment board. Even if some people prefer to use small bowls instead of slathering food on a board, the idea could be fun.

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What do you think of this mayo board? Are you excited to try this concept on your table?