Spiceology Hell’s Kitchen blends won’t get your dish thrown out of the kitchen

Spiceology Hell's Kitchen Spice Blends, photo by Cristine Struble
Spiceology Hell's Kitchen Spice Blends, photo by Cristine Struble /

While the Red Team and the Blue Team battle to earn praise from Gordon Ramsay on Hell’s Kitchen, home cooks want a taste of those chef-driven dishes in their own home. Although the perfect Beef Wellington might require some strong cooking techniques, bringing the flavor to a dish can be easier to master. Thanks to the Spiceology Hell’s Kitchen blends, any home cook is ready to impress at the pass.

Fans of culinary competitions understand that seasoning can make or break a dish. Beyond that sprinkle of finishing salt, the layers of flavor must be incorporated throughout the process. It is one of the reasons why spice blends are a home cook’s secret weapon.

Many home cooks have turned to Spiceology for their innovative, chef-driven offerings. Known as the flavor experts, the company has a wide array of spices, blends, and rubs that can elevate a variety of recipes. Even a little dash can turn the bland and boring into a wow factor.

Vampire Killer Spiceology Hell's Kitchen blend
Smash Burgers with a sauce featuring Vampire Killer from Spiceology Hell’s Kitchen blends, photo by Cristine Struble /

Ready to shake up dinner with Spiceology Hell’s Kitchen blends?

Recently, Spiceology released its Hell’s Kitchen blends. While the names of the various offerings, Sir Wellington, Smashing Salmon, Under the Sea, Vampire Killer, and Where’s the Lamb Sauce, will make fans of the culinary competition chuckle, it is the versatility that will have them coming back for more. From entrees to side dishes, it might be best to have two jars at the ready.

While the spices’ names might give a clue to the uses and flavors, there is more to each offering that meets the eye. Granted the Sir Wellington has the classic mushroom, shallot, and mustard notes, but it is the Worcestershire and rosemary that add some nuance.

Spiceology has a recipe for Vegan Shepard’s pie that is quite tasty, but a classic beef tenderloin is delicious with a little of this spice blend. Or, consider incorporating the blend into a compound butter as a topping for a filet. That simple idea will impress everyone around the table.

Probably the most versatile offering of the group is the Vampire Killer. Although the name correlation may be completely obvious, the garlic forward spice blend is more than just a single note. With some parmesan and an underlying earthy quality from mushroom, it can make smashing mashed potatoes, succulent chicken, and superb seafood.

One recipe recommendation from Spiceology is to use the Vampire Killer in a sauce for a Smash Burger. The mayo forward sauce with some pickles might become a home cook’s “secret sauce.” When paired with a slightly spicy burger and some caramelized onions, the flavor is definitely on point.

The idea of using the Vampire Killer in a sauce has more applications that just the Smash Burger recipe. From a condiment for fries to even a little sprinkle in a dip for crudite, it is the flavor bomb that will set the home cook on the path to cooking greatness.

The Spiceology Hell’s Kitchen blends, and a variety of other offerings, are available on the brand’s website. Although a dash of these spices does not guarantee that a chef’s coat, they will keep great flavor front and center on the plate.

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