2022 MTN DEW VOO-DEW flavor shakes up spooky and sweet for Halloween

MTN DEW + Spirit Halloween Drop First-Ever Costume Collab, Plus New Mystery Flavor. Image courtesy of MTN DEW
MTN DEW + Spirit Halloween Drop First-Ever Costume Collab, Plus New Mystery Flavor. Image courtesy of MTN DEW /

While the trick or treating events might be in countdown mode, the 2022 MTN DEW VOO-DEW flavor has been revealed. As Grim weaves another thirsty tale for the Dew Nation, some people correctly guessed the latest offering in the Halloween beverage space. Did this year’s flavor cast a spell over your taste buds?

As seen on social media, the 2022 MTN DEW VOO-DEW Flavor is sour candy flavor. While some people have correctly solved that mystery, others shared a more specific commentary on the flavor discovery. From naming particular candies to calling out certain fruits, many people were certain that their choice was correct.

Given that the MTN DEW VOO-DEW beverages have become an annual event, some people have worked this beverage mystery into their annual celebration. Even though no one needs a blindfold to pour a little of this intrigue, it is a fun tradition.

With some of the flavors from the past returning to store shelves, some people looked to rank their favorite choices. Who doesn’t remember the candy corn, fruit chew candy or fruit candy explosion. Although sometimes those beverages might be more sweet than scary, it is all part of Halloween fun.

For the little more adventurous, Mountain Dew transformed that VOO-DEW beverage into a cocktail this season. The VOO-DEW Vexer is a great sour cocktail. Similar to a margarita because of the lime and sour candy note, it is tasty. Even though the cabernet is a curious addition, it is worth trying once.

Thinking about the VOO-DEW Vexer, some people might prefer swapping the cabernet wine for a light lager. Similar to how a light lager helps to balance a margarita, that ingredient swap can add some extra effervescence to the glass. The flavors are definitely different, but it can be an option.

In addition, there are several Moutain Dew Halloween cocktails on the brand’s website. From a sangria to pairing the classic beverage with the green fairy elixir, there are several options to bring the spooky to the cocktail shaker.

Ready to shake up some Mountain Dew refreshment this Halloween? The witching hour is here and it VOO-DEW will disappear into the fog before you know it.

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