Dr Pepper Bourbon Flavored Fansville Reserve is a pour above the rest

Dr Pepper Bourbon Flavored Fansville Reserve, photo provided by Dr Pepper
Dr Pepper Bourbon Flavored Fansville Reserve, photo provided by Dr Pepper /

While the classic jingle might have people singing about being a “Pepper,” it is the flavor that makes people thirsty. Considered the nation’s major soft drink, that Waco born classic beverage has delighted millions. With its newest flavor, Dr Pepper Bourbon Flavored Fansville Reserve, the robust offering another layer to the historic beverage conversation.

Although the name might be a slight misnomer, this particular Dr. Pepper offering is non-alcoholic. The soft drink has a bourbon flavor influence, but it can be enjoyed by everyone. In some ways, it seems to capture a food trend, bringing together iconic foods and flavors in a new way.

As seen with the can and packaging, there is a touch of nostalgia to the Dr Pepper Bourbon Flavored Fansville Reserve. It might not seem like it came from that old school pharmacy in Waco, but it does look different from other beverages in the line. In some ways, that pharmacy connection makes sense to the bourbon flavor. After all, people could get bourbon from a pharmacy during prohibition.

Overall, the flavor is similar to a classic Dr. Pepper offering. With additional woody notes, there seems to be more roundness to the beverage. Even with the sweetness from cherry, vanilla, chocolate, and caramel, the drink is not overly cloying. The first sip is slightly invigorating and makes the drinker go back for another one till the can is empty.

Dr. Pepper says that this specialty beverage is inspired by the tailgate. Thinking of the smoky notes, it gives a nod to those grills that line the parking lot. In many ways, this special beverage would make a great pairing to a variety of traditional tailgating foods.

Given the success of many of the limited-edition Dr. Pepper flavors, fans would love to stock the fridge with the special offering. But, opening a can is not quite that easy.

Members of the Pepper Perks program can login and try to win one of these special beverages. The promotion runs through November 17.

Given the response, maybe Dr. Pepper could bring this special offering to the shelf for everyone to enjoy. Even if it is just for a limited time, it might be the holiday present that Dr. Pepper fans would love to see under the tree.

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