IHOP holiday menu celebrates the most underrated holiday cookie

IHOP Holiday menu 2022, French Toast Stacks, photo provided by IHOP
IHOP Holiday menu 2022, French Toast Stacks, photo provided by IHOP /

While the Minions might have brought bananas to the summer table, this often-underrated holiday cookie is taking over the IHOP Holiday menu. The old saying about sugar and spice makes everything nice is taking a different approach. Ready to pick up the fork for that first taste?

Holiday menus entice diners to leave the home kitchen and dine out. From a moment of respite from the holiday stress to just bringing a little extra holiday cheer, the reality is that many people crave those reasons to get a taste of a seasonal flavor.

Whether guests choose something from the IHOP holiday menu or prefer a traditional favorite food, the fast causal restaurant chain wants to serve moments of joy around the table. From bringing value to just taking a moment to indulge, the hope is everyone leaves with a little extra merriment to their day.

What holiday flavor takes over the IHOP holiday menu?

While some people like peppermint or eggnog, the IHOP holiday menu celebrates gingersnaps. While that classic cookie might not get star billing at the cookie exchange, it is the front and center flavor at IHOP.

The holiday menu includes the following new items: Gingersnap Apple Thick ‘N Fluffy French Toast, Gingersnap Milkshake, and Gingersnap Hot Chocolate. In addition, there is a Red Passionfruit Splasher beverage.

IHOP Holiday Menu features gingersnap hot chocolate
IHOP Gingersnap Hot Chocolate, IHOP Holiday Menu /

Looking at the Gingersnap flavored menu, it is more than just a dash of seasoning and some cookie crumbles. The addition of red currants adds that touch of brightness that each dish needs for balance. The warm, comforting spice notes contrasted with the acid from the currants makes for the perfect bite. Granted, the red currants add a pop of color, but it is the flavor which makes it quite enticing.

Since this gingersnap flavor is bold, it might be wise to pick just one of the dishes to enjoy at a time. The French Toast with a plain coffee or hot chocolate can be tasty. Or, a gingersnap hot chocolate with a traditional short stack could be a holiday treat.

And, since some people prefer fruity to spicy during the holiday season, the Red Passionfruit Splasher is the burst of brightness on a wintry day. The combination of lemonade, lemon-lime soda and red passionfruit syrup makes a statement in the glass. More importantly, that fruity sip can be a much needed break from all the sweet flavors on the holiday table.

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Hungry for a taste of the IHOP holiday menu? Do you think that gingersnaps are an underrated holiday cookie?