Christina Tosi whips up the perfect sweet and salty holiday cookie

Christina Tosi's Pretzel Chocolate Chunk Cookies, photo provided by Baking At Home
Christina Tosi's Pretzel Chocolate Chunk Cookies, photo provided by Baking At Home /

Anyone who has enjoyed a sweet treat from the iconic Milk Bar knows that Christina Tosi is the master of flavors and textures. While she always weaves a touch of whimsy and wonder into her recipes, each and every ingredient is thoughtfully incorporated into the mix. Ahead of the release of her new cookie cookbook, All About Cookies, Tosi shared the most delightful sweet and salty holiday cookie recipe.

While many people wonder in amazement over the multitude of confections available at Milk Bar, Tosi has made it a priority welcome all bakers, proficient and novice, into the kitchen. As seen on her Instagram account, Tosi makes it a priority to remove those barriers to entry. Whether it is hand-mixing ingredients or finding pantry substitutes, there is always a swap, hack, or simple advice waiting to be bestowed.

Still, at the heart of what Tosi makes are delectable, sweet treats that make people smile. From evoking that moment of childhood glee to bringing back a touch of nostalgia, it is hard not to take a second, or more, serving.

During a recent media event with Christina Tosi, she shared how to make Pretzel Chocolate Chunk Cookies, which are featured in her new cookbook, All About Cookies. This sweet, salty and totally craveable cookie has everything that makes a dessert great. More importantly, the flavor is incredibly balanced. From that little touch of crunch to the finishing salt when they come out of the oven, it will be the star of any holiday cookie plate.

Christina Tosi's Pretzel Chocolate Chunk Cookies
Christina Tosi’s Pretzel Chocolate Chunk Cookies, photo provided by Baking At Home /

During the recent baking demo, Tosi shared some tried and true baking hacks that can make anyone feel more confident in the kitchen. From appreciating the difference between baking soda and baking powder to understanding how to substitute ingredients in a pinch, her expert tips add to that culinary confidence.

Luckily, Baking At Home is giving some lucky bakers the opportunity to learn from Christina Tosi. The sweepstakes is open now and everyone can enter.

While being part of this baking class may not ensure that those cookies are Instagram perfection, it will be a chance to learn from one of the best. Whether it is getting some advice why Crisco is a great vegan substitute in baking to finally understanding why those cookies are too thin, Tosi’s knowledge is waiting to be revealed. More importantly, there will be plenty of laughs and good times had in the kitchen.

This holiday season, make sure that the pantry is stocked with all the baking essentials and get a copy of All About Cookies. The perfect sweet and salty holiday cookie recipe is one that will get cheers all around. With Christina Tosi’s guidance, you won’t have to pass off store bought cookies as your own at the holiday cookie exchange.

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