Blue Moon Pie Pints are the perfect pairing for the holiday seasoning

Blue Moon Pie Pints, photo provided by Blue Moon
Blue Moon Pie Pints, photo provided by Blue Moon /

For many people, a cold, refreshing beer can be enjoyed with almost any food. While some might drink straight from the bottle, Blue Moon, the Belgium Wheat beer, is meant to be served with a simple orange slice. This holiday season Blue Moon Pie Pints change the food and beverage pairing conversation in the sweetest way.

Over the years, many people have found ways to pair beer with a variety of foods. From the tailgate to the holiday table to even the dessert course, there are plenty of ways to raise a toast.

This holiday season, Blue Moon partnered with Melissa Ben-Ishay of Baked by Melissa to create Blue Moon Pie Pints. Swapping that iconic orange for a sweeter garnish, the concept captures the fun for the holiday festivities.

As Leah Bowman, Associate Marketing Manager at Molson Coors Beverage Company said, “Blue Moon’s orange wheel garnish is so iconic it would take something special for us to even consider replacing it. Our ambition is to be the brighter brewing company, so we knew we needed to create something that was both fun and unexpected as well as perfectly paired to the flavors that make our beer special. As a leader in the mini baked goods space, Melissa Ben-Ishay was the perfect fit to create mini seasonal pie pints recipes that not only pair with each beer, but elevate the table and palate alike.”

For this special partnership, Melissa Ben-Ishay created three pie and beer pairings. They are Blue Moon – Spiced Citrus Pumpkin Pie, Blue Moon LightSky – Tropic Sky Pie, and Moon Haze – Coconut Citrus Pie. Whether people sip, bite, or the opposite, these flavor pairings will have people wanting more.

Blue Moon Pie Pints, a collaboration with Melissa Ben-Ishay of Baked by Melissa
Blue Moon Pie Pints, a collaboration with Melissa Ben-Ishay of Baked by Melissa, photo provided by Blue Moon /

Melissa Ben-Ishay reveals the inspiration behind Blue Moon Pie Pints

While Baked By Melissa is known for its bite-sized treats, it is more than just a tiny dessert trend that has put her brand in the forefront of everyone’s mind. Behind that hint of whimsy is a delicious flavor that is rooted in the familiar. Even the most unlikely collaborations still have a taste of that people know and love.

With the Blue Moon Pie Pints, Melissa took her fondness for Blue Moon and transformed in the sweetest way. Just because the orange slice taken off the glass, the flavor enhancement that gives a Blue Moon beer is never far from mind.

During a recent conversation with Melissa, she mentioned that she went directly to the Blue Moon Brewmaster to understand the three beers’ flavor profiles. From there, she developed mini pie recipes that enhanced certain flavor characteristics. By focusing on certain components that make each beer unique, Melissa was able to conceptualize pie flavors that meld well but never leave that iconic Blue Moon and orange pairing fair from mind.

For example, Melissa shared how the coriander and orange zest in the pumpkin pie complement the subtle sweetness and bright citrus aroma in the classic Blue Moon. With the Tropic Sky Pie, the mango and pineapple custard filling plays off the tropical wheat flavors while still being bold and refreshing.

Her favorite combination is the coconut cream with the Moon Haze. Although this flavor pairing might not be instantly understood on first blush, it is balances out the hoppiness of the hazy beer. It is definitely a flavor pairing to remember.

For anyone who wants to give these beer and pie pairings a try, they are available for purchase online. There is only a limited amount available through November 11. In addition, Blue Moon will be giving some away.

But, if luck is not on your side, the recipes for these mini-pies are available online. Even though this version is meant to be a small garnish, some home bakers might be able to convert the recipes to a larger version. Who said that beer and pie cannot be served as a new holiday tradition.

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