RITZ and Baked by Melissa collaborate on the most delicious salty sweet treat

RITZ Crackers and Baked by Melissa salty sweet mini cupcakes, photo provided by Ritz
RITZ Crackers and Baked by Melissa salty sweet mini cupcakes, photo provided by Ritz /

Certain flavor combinations are iconic, and RITZ and Baked by Melissa have created a delicious bite that might be the next big dessert trend. Is your mouth salivating yet?

Many people think that RITZ is the perfect cracker. The buttery, slightly salty cracker is just as delicious eaten on its own as well as topped with a variety of food options. That little circle is ready to roll its way into that favorite food category.

Baked by Melissa has become many people’s favorite cupcake order. Those mini-cupcakes instantly bring smiles from the moment they come out of the box. Sometimes the small treats are the ones that mean the most.

With this collaboration, the classic cracker, RITZ , and the mini-cupcake favorite, Baked by Melissa, have transformed classic flavor combinations into the ultimate salty sweet treat. This special offering will be the must have dessert for the summer.

What are the RITZ and Baked by Melissa mini cupcake flavors?

According to the brands, the RITZ and Baked by Melissa mini cupcake flavors are Peanut Butter and Crackers, Tie-Dye Cracker Crunch and Salted Chocolate Caramel. The 25 pack of mini cupcakes features 9 Tie-Dye Cracker Crunch and 8 of each of the Salted Chocolate Caramel and Peanut Butter and Crackers.

Looking at all three flavors, they build off classic, contrasting flavors. Jelly is always sweeter with peanut butter. Salt brings out the sweetness in the caramel. Those balanced flavors are instantly craveable and bring people back for bite after bite.

For the most indulgent treat, the Salted Chocolate Caramel is the choice. With a dulce de leche surrounded by chocolate cake, that single bite offers chocolate caramel nirvana. Topped with crumbled RITZ crackers, the touch of salt makes every other flavor pop. Why didn’t someone think to create a RITZ cracker crumble topping sooner?

Building on the iconic combination of Peanut Butter and crackers, this mini cupcake is all about the peanut butter icing. Paired with a yellow cake, the contrast of the vanilla stuffing, chocolate sprinkle brittle and RITZ crackers will become a new cupcake obsession.

Lastly, the Tie-Dye Cracker Crunch might be the party cupcake in the group. Featuring Baked by Melissa’s iconic tie-dye cupcake, the white chocolate brittle with RITZ crackers is delicious. This cupcake turns any day into a celebration.

The RITZ and Baked by Melissa limited edition Salty-Sweet Cupcake 25 pack is available through June 22. It is priced at $32 and can be ordered online.

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What classic flavor combination needs to be transformed into a cupcake? Can you think of a new flavor option that could be the next big food trend?