Cutwater Heaters shake up a spirited conversation on warm cocktails

Cutwater Heaters, photo provided by Cutwater Spirits
Cutwater Heaters, photo provided by Cutwater Spirits /

As the leaves fall and the burst of cool weather hits, many people crave comforting flavors. Cradling warm cocktails satisfies beyond the feeling in that grasp. From the first sip to the last drop, the empty mug comes with a feeling of gratitude and a longing for another pour. With the new Cutwater Heaters, those warm cocktails are as easy as making that morning coffee.

Cutwater Spirits taken over the market on canned cocktails. The spirit forward beverages have brought convenience to the classic cocktail conversation. While others might grab that beer from the cooler, these canned cocktails filled the void. More importantly, it is the flavors that bring people back time and again.

Since Cutwater Spirits is always looking to innovate the liquor market, the newest offering fills a void, convenient warm cocktails. Although grandma might have sworn that a Hot Toddy could ward off a cold, making that beverage may not be the most convenient. From missing ingredients to waiting for all the flavors to meld together, the effort may not be worth the sip.

With the new Cutwater Heaters, the three cocktails just need warm water and a stir. Similar to a mixer, these alcoholic beverages make enjoying a Whiskey Hot Toddy, Vodka Apple Pie, and Hot Buttered Rum just a pour away.

Cutwater Heaters warm cocktails
Cutwater Heaters are available in three flavors, photo provided by Cutwater Spirits /

Basically, each cocktail uses a classic balance of 1 part liquor to 2 parts non-liquor. If water is used, the temperature should be checked. Boiling water is far too hot and will not allow the drinker to appreciate both the aroma and the flavor. After all, one part of great, warm cocktail is allowing the enticing smells to invite that first sip.

Although the Cutwater Heaters are meant to make warm cocktails more convenient, they do not have to be used just with water. Substituting a tea or a coffee for the warm water is quite tasty. The Whiskey Hot Toddy with a tea that plays off the lemon flavors is quite tasty. For coffee lovers, the Vodka Apple Pie with its cinnamon notes is quite tasty with a dollop of whipped cream.

Cutwater Heaters with dessert
Cutwater Heaters with dessert, photo by Cristine Struble /

Another option can be a boost to a hot chocolate. Given that many people enjoy an adult hot chocolate, the Hot Buttered Rum as a substitute to a simple liquor pour adds a depth of flavor. It is like another creamy component to the beverage.

Lastly, while the Cutwater Heaters are meant to be diluted with hot water (or other warm beverage), they can be used in other ways too. A shot poured over ice cream or used in a sauce for a dessert is equally delightful.

The new Cutwater Heaters are available in California, Colorado, and Massachusetts. Additional locations will be available soon. A bottle retails for $13.99.

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