New Cinnabon Chocolate Frosting Pints upgrade favorite holiday treats

Cinnabon Chocolate Frosting Pints are available for the holidays, photo provided by Cinnabon
Cinnabon Chocolate Frosting Pints are available for the holidays, photo provided by Cinnabon /

For many people, the tempting aroma of Cinnabon cannot be resisted. That combination of warm, gooey cinnamon and iconic Cinnabon cream cheese frosting is always a favorite no matter the time of year. This year, the favorite treat is getting a decadent twist. What will you make with the new Cinnabon Chocolate Frosting Pints?

While the holiday season has many people stepping into the kitchen to create a variety of seasonal recipes, the reality is that some people are more proficient behind the stand mixer than others. Sometimes getting a helping hand can make the experience even more enjoyable.

Last year, Cinnabon offered pints of its iconic cream cheese frosting available for sale during the holiday season. Whether home cooks used a spoonful on top of grandma’s cinnamon rolls, an icing on a carrot cake, or as a layer in a holiday dessert parfait, the uses were abundant. Many people wondered why they didn’t buy an extra pint because it was gone quickly.

This year, Cinnabon is giving a sweeter flavor gift to everyone with its new Cinnabon Chocolate Frosting Pints. For anyone who fell in love with the limited-time Chocolate BonBites, it is the same chocolate frosting.

As Michael Alberici, Vice President of Marketing, Cinnabon said, “After seeing the success of Chocolate BonBites earlier this year, we knew we had to introduce the chocolate version of our take-home pints, offering Cinnabon fans a new way to take part in holiday traditions through baking, gifting or simply enjoying!”

Thinking of this special holiday offering, it lends itself to culinary creativity. Beyond the topping for a cake or pastry, it can be used to thicken a hot chocolate or even transformed into a dip for chocolate covered strawberries. It is definitely worth buying two pints for all those holiday treats.

The Cinnabon Chocolate Frosting Pints as well as the classic Cinnabon Cream Cheese Frosting Pints are available for a limited time. It can be purchased at bakeries or via the app.