What is the most popular Thanksgiving item sold on Instacart?

(Photo by Michael Tullberg/Getty Images)
(Photo by Michael Tullberg/Getty Images) /

As people start their Thanksgiving meal preparations, the grocery list grows. Even though consumers are food cost conscious, some holiday foods are staples. In addition to the turkey, the side dishes can take up more precious space on that dinner plate. While all those favorite foods might be purchased for the feast, the most popular Thanksgiving item sold on Instacart might be the most controversial holiday side dish food on the table.

Many people have strong preferences on Thanksgiving side dishes. From the consistency of the mashed potatoes to the ingredients in that stuffing, pleasing a crowd can be difficult. Even though many people would prefer to have more side dishes that poultry on their plate, the reality is that not all side dishes get the same response.

According to a recent Instacart report, the most popular Thanksgiving item sold on Instacart is canned cranberries. Specifically, 48 states prefer canned cranberry jelly over fresh cranberries. It topped the list as the most popular Thanksgiving item sold.

Whether it is the only time of year those canned cranberries are added to the shopping list or the item is because grandpa has to have a scoop with his turkey, it seems that even if only one person at the table wants that side dish, the canned cranberries are part of the holiday meal.

Another reason for the popularity could be because the canned cranberries are forgotten during the initial food shopping trip. After all, there is always that item or two that is forgotten.

Given that Instacart makes shopping easy, it can be that click and order answer to save the holiday feast. From the missing rolls to even that extra stick of butter, Instacart can ensure that anything and everything can be delivered to the door.

This year, don’t forget the canned cranberries, after all it is the most popular Thanksgiving item sold on Instacart. Even if only one person at the table eats the whole bowl.