Ferrero expands its holiday treats offerings to include even more tasty celebrations

Ferrero Holiday treats 2022, photo provided by Ferrero
Ferrero Holiday treats 2022, photo provided by Ferrero /

As the Halloween candy disappears from its hiding places and the holiday decorations take over, Ferrero holiday treats are hitting store shelves. From cookies for Santa to candies for the stocking, there are plenty of options to enjoy some holiday favorites.

During the holiday season, many people have favorite, sometimes traditional, foods that they enjoy. From that special cookie that is served to Santa every Christmas Eve to a candy flavor that is craved once the calendar hits December, the reality is that the season is all about saying yes.

As Jim Klein, chief customer officer, Ferrero USA, said, “The Holiday season is a special time for families, and we’re excited to expand our offerings with the addition of seasonal offerings from our beloved cookie brands Keebler and Royal Dansk. We are proud to be a part of countless holiday celebrations and help loved ones create wonderful moments with our delectable portfolio of products.”

Ferrero holiday treats for 2022 revealed

Since many people like to countdown to the big day, the Kinder Holiday Mix Countdown Calendar is back. For 24 days, a new treat can be enjoyed. With a fun puzzle, too, both young and old will want to have one for themselves.

While some people prefer a sweet a day, others cannot wait till Christmas morning and digging through the stocking. Luckily, there are plenty of options to fill it to the brim.

From Mini Nutella Jars to an assortment of Kinder Joy to even some Kinder Hollow shaped chocolates, everyone will be feeling the chocolate love. Also other classics, like Butterfinger, CRUNCH, and Baby Ruth are available in mini sizes. After all, little bites ensure that an extra taste is always in fashion.

Plus, the seasonal Tic Tac, the Tic Tac Naughty or Nice are back. Although no one really would want a lump of coal, these fun treats add a little humor to the mix.

Since candy and cookies often make easy gifts around the holiday season, Ferrero holiday treats have a multitude of options for any occasion. From the golden wrapped Ferrero Roche to the Fannie May treats, many people will be delighted to unwrap one or more of these candies.

Also, Ferrero has added some cookies to its line-up this year. The Royal Dansk Danish Butter Cookies Holiday Edition Tin is a classic that will bring all the nostalgia to the table. And, the Royal Dansk Winter Cookie Collection Assortment for Holiday 2022 ensures that everyone will be able to have their favorite cookie after a festive meal. Even Santa might want these cookies to be left out on that special night.

The Ferrero holiday treats will be arriving in stores and online. As many people have come to learn, it is best to buy early than not get a taste of those favorite holiday memories.