Ferrero Halloween candy is all dressed up for the spooky season

Halloween mini mix, photo provided by Ferrero
Halloween mini mix, photo provided by Ferrero /

Ferrero Halloween Candy is here and you will want to sneak it from the kids.

With Halloween and pumpkin spice season coming even earlier this year, all the Ferrero Halloween candy is hitting store shelves. From snack sizes to Halloween inspired packages, there are Halloween candies that everyone will want to enjoy. How big is your Halloween candy bowl?

Regardless of Trick or Treating, Halloween candy will be purchased. That annual tradition is a reason to indulge in your favorite candy bars. From snack sizes to fun sized treats, the seasonal candy is as much fun for adults as it is for the kids.

This year, Ferrero has dressed up its Halloween candy offerings. From Boo Bags to Harvest Minis, there is an option for every household.

The most interesting part of the Ferrero Halloween candies are the Kinder Joy Spooky Eggs. The Spooky Eggs feature 8 limited edition toys. From Halloween themed to glow in the dark characters, these Kinder Joy Spooky Eggs will quickly become a must have. The Kinder Joy Spooky Eggs will be available Walmart, Target and Kroger.

Since the annual door to door trick or treating might look a little different this year, the Kinder Joy Spooky Eggs might be a fun at home Halloween inspired haunted hunt for the kids. While the Easter Bunny usually helps to hide “eggs” in the spring, why couldn’t there be a spooky hunt this year.

Ferrero Halloween Candy, Kinder Joy Spooky Eggs
Kinder Joy Spooky Eggs, photo provided by Kinder Joy /

For example, set up some Halloween themed rooms in your house with some spooky clues. The clues can lead the kids to “discover” those spooky eggs. Whether it is bravely putting your hand into a bowl of slime or trying to create the perfect ghost trap, the Halloween-inspired fun can all shapes.

You could even do the activities with the other Ferrero Halloween candy, too. It doesn’t have to be limited to just the Kinder Joy Spooky Eggs.

Why not make the kids think about other things that crunch to score a CRUNCH. Or, what is the nuttiest Halloween story you know to get a Baby Ruth. With a little creativity, this year’s Halloween celebration could be quite memorable.

The Ferrero Halloween candies will be available at various retailers. But, like the spooky season, make sure to get your favorite candies before they are gone.

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What is your favorite Halloween candy? Do you “borrow” from your kids’ Halloween candy stash?