Easter Egg candies are the best Easter candy for any Easter basket

Easter egg candy. Photo by Cristine Struble
Easter egg candy. Photo by Cristine Struble /

Wondering which Easter candy needs to be in the Easter basket? Easter Egg candies are often the Easter bunny’s favorite choice.

Needing some last minute Easter candy suggestions? Easter Egg candies are often the most popular candies in any Easter basket. While those chocolate bunnies only hop by once a year, the eggs are always associated with Easter. The only question left is, can the adults possibly get some of these Easter candies, too?

Everyone has a favorite Easter candy. While jelly beans are a popular treat, egg shaped treats often are part of the Easter tradition. From small to large, there are a wide variety of egg shaped candies that are filling Easter baskets.

One of the most popular egg shaped candies is the Reese’s egg. While Reese’s shapes have taken over many holidays, the Reese’s eggs are many people’s obsession. Some people even stash some extra ones in the freezer for later in the year.

The Reese’s eggs come in both milk and white chocolate. If you are looking for a sweeter choice, the white chocolate version is it. Even if you love these Reese’s eggs, it can be hard to eat more than one at a time.

New this year, the Reese’s Shake & Break is a great choice. While it doesn’t have a solid peanut butter center, it is filled with Reese’s Pieces. You might not want to bite into the egg. Instead, break off a piece and switch from chocolate to Reese’s Pieces.

Another iconic Easter candy is the Cadbury Egg. While everyone loves those Easter commercials, the Cadbury Egg is sweet. With that creamy center, it is a treat. Also, Cadbury has mini eggs. Those chocolate eggs are tasty, too.

Russell Stover has done its Easter egg candies as well. From mousse filled to coconut, there is a flavor combination that appeals to everyone. Personally, the vanilla creme ones are always a great choice.

New this year, Russell Stover Sours added an egg shape. These white fudge candies have a fruity sour punch. For kids, these Sours are a great choice. Many kids love sour candies.

For a classic, solid chocolate Easter Egg, Dylan’s Candy Bar has some delicious chocolate eggs. The Easter Tackle Box includes foiled milk chocolate eggs. Just remember to put the wrappers in the trash otherwise the kids might find the evidence.

Of course, Kinder Joy is a great egg shaped treat any time of the year. That creamy chocolate is paired with a fun toy. It is like permission to play and eat.

Also, Ferrero Rocher has some egg-themed candies. That classic candy is all dressed up for Easter, too. If you prefer an egg, Ferrero has those eggs, too.

These Easter Egg candies are just a few of the many Easter candies that are available. Whether you like jelly beans, chocolate bunnies or sour gummies, there is a treat to make the celebration special. Hopefully, the Easter bunny doesn’t hop by this year.

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What are your favorite Easter candies? Do you like Easter Egg candies or chocolate bunnies?