5 tasty ways to upgrade s’mores recipes that you need to try now

Smores Pie, photo provided by Butterfinger
Smores Pie, photo provided by Butterfinger /

Isn’t it time to upgrade s’mores recipes?

S’mores are the classic summertime treat and it is time to upgrade s’mores recipes with these simple, tasty ideas. With a few easy swaps, that marshmallow dessert will seem new again. Are you ready to take a bite?

The classic s’mores is probably one of the easiest, simplest recipes. With just three ingredients, graham cracker, marshmallow and milk chocolate, almost anyone can master it. Although people can debate over the “doneness” of a roasted marshmallow, this dessert always satisfies in a crowd.

Even though the classic recipe is always a tasty choice, many people are looking to upgrade that classic s’mores. With a few simple swaps that s’mores can instantly become a wow moment.

Change the candy bar

While a plain milk chocolate candy bar has been the standard, swapping that candy for another one can be quite tasty. For example, a Ferrero’s CRUNCH bar offers that milk chocolate flavor with an extra crunch factor. Those little crunchy bites are the perfect contrast to the gooey marshmallow.

upgrade s'mores recipes
CRUNCH S’mores, photo provided by Ferrero /

Upgrade that marshmallow

Not all marshmallows are made equal. Although Martha Stewart might make homemade marshmallows, a few marshmallow brands offer a big flavor punch. From the Stuffed Puffs (including the Chocolate Stuffed Puffs) to even Smashmallows, a change to the marshmallow can make a difference.

When changing the marshmallow flavor, consider keeping the other ingredients the same. This option lets the marshmallow and its flavor be the star of each bite.

Skip the graham cracker

While a graham cracker might add some crunch, other options can add bigger, bolder flavors. For example, swap that graham cracker for some Sugar Bowl Bakery’s Madeleines. The buttery, rich French cookie is the perfect pairing to the sweet marshmallow and rich chocolate. Plus, the Madeline tends not to crumble like a cracker. One bite and you might change your favorite s’mores forever.

If you prefer crunch, consider swapping the graham cracker for a Palmier. The flaky, crispy pastry offers a big bite of texture to the traditional s’mores.


Grab a fork

If you love s’mores, why not transform it into a delicious dessert. Basically, a traditional s’mores can easily be transformed into a pie. While you might not get the roasted marshmallow texture, you can easily meld all the flavors into a single bite.

This Butterfinger S’mores Pie is a perfect example. Plus, the Butterfinger flavor ensures that each bite isn’t too sweet.

Here’s how to make Butterfinger S’mores Pie.


  • 1 Each (9”) Graham Cracker Crust Pie
  • 2 Cups Chocolate Pudding
  • 1 Cup Butterfinger, Chopped
  • ¾ Cup Marshmallow Fluff
  • 1 Cup Mini Marshmallows
  • 1 Cup Butterfinger, Chopped
  • ¼ Cup Chocolate Syrup
  • For Topping: 1 Cup Butterfinger, chopped


Layer each ingredient into pie crust as follows: chocolate pudding, Butterfinger, marshmallows, marshmallow fluff. Over a campfire (or microwave), melt the marshmallow. Top with chopped Butterfinger and a drizzle of chocolate syrup.

Bring on the spread

While candy bars are usually the common chocolate ingredient, another option can be quite tasty. Why not spread some Nutella on the graham cracker, Madeline or other item used to sandwich the marshmallow.

Everyone knows that Nutella is delicious on almost anything. Plus, the chocolate hazelnut spread can help hold all the ingredients together. Just maybe, you could even add a piece of banana or strawberry to the combination, too. Didn’t mom say to eat more fruits every day?

These simple upgrade s’mores recipes are just a few of the many ways to change the iconic summertime dessert. Why not create a s’mores dessert bar and see what creative combinations that you can make.

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