The secret to the best s’mores recipe is simple


There’s a secret to the best s’mores recipe. As summer heats up, the classic campfire treat deserves this simple, easy upgrade.

Summertime and s’mores are classic combination. But, the best s’mores recipe is more than just marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate. With a little tweak, you could have the best tasting s’more ever.

How do you make a great tasting s’more? Some people love a big amount of char on the marshmallow. Other people prefer to have just a touch of heat to that sweet, gooey bite. Still, the point is clear, marshmallows matter.

After years of trial and error, the secret to the best tasting s’mores is the marshmallow. From homemade marshmallows to gourmet marshmallows to store bought marshmallows, the choice matters. Are you ready for a taste test?

Earlier this year, the Stuffed Puffs marshmallows hit store shelves. These marshmallows simplified the whole s’mores recipe. With chocolate inside the marshmallow, it saves a step.

In a way, the Stuffed Puffs make the easiest s’mores recipe. It is a one and done scenario.

Actually, these marshmallows are great in all types of desserts. From treat in hot cocoa to just eating on their own, they are definitely a tasty upgrade to the traditional marshmallow.

For a gourmet marshmallow, Smashmallows are a top choice. Made with organic cane sugar and natural ingredients, the soft, fluffy texture of these marshmallows will win you over.

More importantly, Smashmallows offer all types of delicious flavors. From Cinnamon Churro to Cookie Dough, these marshmallows add a huge boost of flavor to your typical s’mores recipe.

Lastly, making your own marshmallows are fairly straightforward. A quick search of your favorite recipe site can produce numerous recipes. If you have never made your own marshmallows, you might change what you think about marshmallows.

Of course, the other parts of a s’more is important. While traditional Hershey’s chocolate bars work best, you can change that ingredient as well. Reese’s peanut butter cups are amazing. It does make the flavor totally different.

Also, a plain graham cracker can get an upgrade as well. Try a Voortman Bakery S’mores Cookie or even an OREO S’mores cookie. These ideas add even more s’mores flavors.

Truthfully the secret to the best s’mores recipe comes down to the fun of creating a s’more. The moment sitting around with friends and enjoying time together makes the summertime treat taste even better.

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