Crafting the perfect mimosa does not have to take extreme effort

How to craft the perfect mimosa
How to craft the perfect mimosa /

For many people, a mimosa is a brunch staple. While the cocktail might not seem difficult to master, it can be a heated debate rising in that flute glass. The ratio between juice and sparkling wine is more than a personal preference. Is crafting the perfect mimosa really that difficult?

Recently, Tropicana took on the orange juice to sparkling wine debate. The Tropicana Mimosa Maker skipped the pour or splash commentary and went to a “spritz.”

This device transformed a Tropicana 12 oz bottle into an orange juice diffuser. With three settings, Whisper, Spritz and Shower, it highlighted the more minimal approach. There was just a hint juice, subtle but there.

While this special promotion had touch of levity, it brings up a conversation that continues to flavor the brunch table. How does a person craft the perfect mimosa? While this orange juice diffuser might make a bottle of Tropicana last longer, what about the drinkers who like a little extra fruit flavor poured in the glass. Is there a perfect ratio of juice to sparkling wine?

Brands like Ozha have a variety of canned mimosa options that simplify the process completely. Whether people want the traditional orange or prefer other fruit flavors, that open and enjoy option makes enjoying a mimosa anywhere easy.

But, for the drinkers who like a fruit forward cocktail, what options do they have? Is the best mimosa really a one to one ratio? Or is it 1/3 to 2/3 or something else in entirely different?

The truth is that a mimosa is all about personal preferences. It might be one of the reasons why restaurants now offer a mimosa bar or create your own option for the table. From varying the juices to the amount of sparkling wine, it is one of the few cocktails where variety is encouraged.

Most importantly, the mimosa does highlight that the ingredient choice is key. Yes, a freshly squeezed juice can be more flavorful. Choosing one particular sparkling wine over another will matter. Even a flavor upgrade of a Chambord or a Grand Marnier or an addition of fresh fruit will make a difference.

In the end, whether there is a hint of juice, a full pour, or something in between, the brunch table is not complete without a mimosa. The perfect mimosa might be the ultimate choose your own adventure.