Hidden Valley Ranch creates a new holiday tradition with Ranch on a Branch

Hidden Valley Ranch, Ranch on a Branch, Ranchie, photo provided by Hidden Valley Ranch
Hidden Valley Ranch, Ranch on a Branch, Ranchie, photo provided by Hidden Valley Ranch /

That cheeky elf has a new holiday rival this year. Although Santa might not want to choose favorites, the holiday helpers have a member on the team this season. With Ranch on a Branch, Hidden Valley Ranch is adding a new flavor to holiday traditions.

Food is often part of holiday traditions. From family recipes to favorite flavors, it seems that everyone is a touch hungrier as the countdown to December 25 approaches.

Given that food seems to be abundant, often it flavors some holiday décor and activities. While that pickle hidden in the Christmas tree might have a storied history, the reality is that food is woven into many items. From that holiday sweater to favorite tableware, there are plenty of interesting connections.

As many people start preparing for the various holiday traditions, another idea is waiting to be discovered. Although some people enjoy that infamous Elf shenanigans, there is a new character ready to bring some joy to the season. It is time to welcome Ranch on a Branch, aka Ranchie.

Ranch on a Branch Kit
Ranch on a Branch Kit from Hidden Valley Ranch, photo provided by Hidden Valley Ranch /

This special holiday collectible from Hidden Valley Ranch encourages people to spread some joy, fun, or simple happiness this holiday season. While Ranchie might long to become a real bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch, it is about his adventures that capture the holiday spirit. Where he will go and what he will do is up to people’s ranch filled imagination.

As Deb Crandall, Marketing Director at Hidden Valley Ranch said, “We were inspired to create Ranch on a Branch by the happiness we see Hidden Valley Ranch bring to ranch fans. This Collector’s Edition set is a perfect, and adorable, way to help put a little more joy out there this holiday season.”

It will be interesting to see how creative people will be with Ranchie’s adventures. While he might be comfortable hanging from a tree, he might want to swing from the roof, whip up a tasty recipe in the kitchen, or even slide down that big snow hill. No matter the location, he will bring smiles all around. Maybe he can even help turn some non-ranch lovers into fans of the popular dressing.

The special Ranch on a Branch is available for purchase online for $30. In addition, Hidden Valley Ranch is donating $30,000 to Feeding America as part of this holiday promotion.

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How are you spreading holiday cheer this season? Could Ranchie be add some joy to your festivities?