Pecan Pizza Pie is ready to be the new Thanksgiving food tradition

Pecan Pizza Pie, photo provided by American Pecan Promotion Board
Pecan Pizza Pie, photo provided by American Pecan Promotion Board /

Some people are hungry to start a new Thanksgiving food tradition. As many people discuss rising food costs and potentially skipping that traditional turkey dinner, the conversation is taking a decidedly different turn with a new food mash-up. For those ready for a new flavor, the Pecan Pizza Pie is waiting to be sliced.

Food mash-ups have risen in popularity over the years. Who hasn’t fallen in love with the piecaken? Or what about the sweet and savory mash-ups that have piqued many people’s interests? Basically, the kitchen is overflowing with creativity, as long as people are open to that first bite.

This Thanksgiving season, the American Pecan Promotion Board and Tony Boloney’s have created a holiday food mash-up that will have everyone talking. The Pecan Pizza Pie brings together the classic pecan pie dessert and pizza. Before anyone throws their hands up in the air, the flavor is one that might surprise everyone.

According to Alexander Ott, APPB Executive Director, “We know that the Pecan Pie is a staple for so many at the Thanksgiving table, but with the tremendous versatility of pecans we wanted to reimagine the traditional pie with a pizza-fied twist for a turn-key meal before the turkey.”

Partnering with Tony Boloney’s Brands makes sense. The brand has never been afraid to top their pizzas with unconventional ingredients. As Mike Hauke, Founder and Owner of Tony Boloney’s Brands said, “This plant-based pie is a delicious marriage of our savory classic pizza and the iconic pecan pie, heaping with holiday flavor.”

Available for purchase on Goldbelly, the Pecan Pizza Pie is a savory treat. To be clear, it is not a traditional pizza with some pecans on top. A lot of thought was used in crafting this recipe.

Pecan Pizza Pie
Pecan Pizza Pie, photo provided by American Pecan Promotion Board /

The dish is described as “sweet meets savory buttermilk pizza crust, a thick bourbon-infused tomato sauce, creamy mozzarella, fennel-dusted pepperoni-flavored pecan halves, topped with a spicy balsamic Pecan Pie glaze.” Looking at the combination of flavors, it seems to make sense. Cheese, pecans, balsamic Pecan Pie glaze can go together. Think of a cheese board and all the flavor combinations. It is another way to present foods that can go together.

And, for people who want that traditional Pecan Pie, do not worry. A traditional pecan pie is included in every order.

The Pecan Pizza Pie is available now for a limited time on Goldbelly. It is priced at $99.95. For more pecan inspiration, check out for a variety of holiday recipes.

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