Sheila G’s Holiday Brownie Brittle highlights favorite seasonal flavors

Sheila G’s Holiday Brownie Brittle, photo provided by Cristine Struble
Sheila G’s Holiday Brownie Brittle, photo provided by Cristine Struble /

While the oven might seem to be working overtime during the holidays, some favorite sweet treats are available on the store shelf. Over the years, many people have discovered the deliciousness and versatility of Sheila G’s Brownie Brittle. Those crunchy little bites have become a favorite. With Sheila G’s Holiday Brownie Brittle flavors, the sweet possibilities in a single bag seem almost endless.

Over the years, Sheila G’s touted the simple idea, “a chocolate indulgence that you can feel good about.” While that sentiment might seem simple, the flavor in the thin brownie brittle delivers in a big way. Whether people love the crispy texture or appreciate various flavors, many people keep at least one bag of this treat on the shelf.

The Sheila G’s Holiday Brownie Brittle has two seasonal flavors, Peppermint and Hot Chocolate Marshmallow. Both limited edition flavors are available now while supplies last.

The classic peppermint flavor is always a treat during the holiday season. The balance of mint to chocolate is just right. While just one piece will satisfy that craving, it is easy to eat a couple.

Plus, the brownie brittle makes a great addition to other desserts, for example as a topping. Why not top that chocolate cream pie with some pieces or even give a holiday twist to that classic chocolate cake. The options are many.

The other holiday flavor is Hot Chocolate Marshmallow. With just the right amount of marshmallow sweetness, it hit all the right notes without burning the roof of your mouth on that too warm beverage. The ratio of chocolate to marshmallow hits just right.

With the Hot Chocolate Marshmallow, it is a great accompaniment to all those holiday beverages. While some people might serve a biscotti, why not switch it up with this sweeter option. Dipping this Brownie Brittle into some whipped cream is quite delightful.

Or, if a holiday cocktail is preferred, this flavor is devine with an Espresso Martini. That touch of sweetness brings the holiday whimsy without losing the sophistication.

The Sheila G’s Holiday Brownie Brittle flavors are available now for a limited time. Check with various retailers for availability and pricing.