Sam’s Club change to its food court menu might start a new food war

(Photo by Johnny Louis/Getty Images)
(Photo by Johnny Louis/Getty Images) /

Many people turn to Sam’s Club for convenient, cost-effective shopping. As food costs continue to be a priority in many households, the company just announced a big change to one of its classic food court menu items. Could this lower price start a new food war?

According to Sam’s Club, its hot dog combo is now priced at $1.38. While the previous price was only $1.50, now the combination of a ¼ lb hot dog and fountain beverage is an even better deal. It might not be a huge difference, but every penny matters these days. Anyone who has hungry teenagers in the house can appreciate the extra cost savings.

Also, Sam’s Club allows non-members to eat at a Sam’s Club Café. For people who are traveling over the holidays or just want a quick, cost-effective meal, it might be time to head to the local store.

This change in pricing might be battle lines drawn against another popular warehouse store. While other company CEOs has publicly commented on the importance of never changing the $1.50 hot dog combo, it might be time to re-examine that statement. Although no one ever wants the cost to rise, could it be time to take a couple cents off the tab?

In some ways, the Sam’s Club decision seems to follow Walmart’s Thanksgiving roll backs announced recently. Those bundle offerings were designed to give customers the most value. When every cent counts, some consumers will want to shop at stores where they feel their dollar is valued.

For now, the Sam’s Club price drop on its hot dog combo is a tasty present for many people. Whether other stores will respond to that lower price remains to be seen. But, in a world full of rising prices, it is nice to see a tasty alternative.