GODIVA 2022 Holiday Collection set to make the season sweeter

GODIVA 2022 Holiday Collection, photo provided by GODIVA
GODIVA 2022 Holiday Collection, photo provided by GODIVA /

For many people, the iconic gold box is part of their holiday food traditions. With the GODIVA 2022 Holiday Collection, the new offerings celebrate not only the season of giving but also the celebration that chocolate is always joyful.

While there are many chocolate brands on the shelves, the term premium chocolate has a different designation. From the commitment to better ingredients to the attention to craft, that moment to indulge often comes with a craving for an elevated taste.

GODIVA has long been that chocolatier. Going back to the 1920s, the tradition is woven into every creation. From the classic golden box with a wide array of chocolate offerings to the newer choices that make the iconic brand more accessible to a larger audience, this chocolatier always delivers on its delicious promise.

This year, the GODIVA 2022 Holiday Collection combines both favorite flavors and a new offering that will delight everyone. As Nurtac Afridi, Global CEO of GODIVA, commented that this season is about building on the brand’s legacy, craftsmanship and commitment to offering premium chocolates.

Afridi asserts, “As we continue to deliver on our mission of opening more people’s eyes to the wonder of our brand by becoming more accessible to all people everywhere, it is inspiring to see how GODIVA Is Chocolate for both this season of giving and for any time you need a little more goodness in your life.”

GODIVA 2022 Holiday Collection
GODIVA 2022 Holiday Collection, photo provided by GODIVA /

What are the GODIVA 2022 Holiday Collection offerings?

While the GODIVA line has a wide array of choices including the Signature bars, Chocolate Domes, and Masterpieces line, the holiday offerings add a little extra sparkle to the season. The offerings include: New Milk Chocolate Caramel Penguin Pouch, GODIVA Holiday Goldmark Assorted Gift Box, and Holiday Masterpieces Collection.

The new Milk Chocolate Caramel Penguin Pouch adds a little whimsy to the holiday season. Although the cute appearance makes a statement, many people cannot wait to unwrap one of the 17 pieces of soft and creamy caramels. Each one is covered in rich GODIVA chocolate making it the perfect little bite to satisfy that sweet craving.

The GODIVA Holiday Goldmark Assorted Gift Box is always a favorite for gifting. Available in 9-, 18-, and 39-piece gift boxes, the iconic box always gets rave reviews. It might be a good idea to have one or two waiting for those just in case moments. And, if they are not gifted, they become a moment to indulgent “me time” which is often needed during the busy holiday season.

Lastly, the GODIVA’s Holiday Masterpieces makes for a great candy bowl addition. The individually wrapped treats are a tasty alternative to all those peppermint candies that often fill the bowl. Plus, who doesn’t like to enjoy a little piece of chocolate to make the day just seem sweeter.

These offerings and others, like the Holiday Chocolate Domes, 12 Days of GODIVA Advent Calendar, and Foil Santas, are available for the season. Check online or at various retailers for options and availability.