Cheetos Duster makes Cheetos-inspired recipes even easier

Cheetos Duster used to make Cheetos covered Mozzarella Sticks, photo provided by Cheetos
Cheetos Duster used to make Cheetos covered Mozzarella Sticks, photo provided by Cheetos /

As many Cheetos fans have learned, the iconic cheesy snack is more than just a tasty bite. It influences all aspects of their lifestyle. From food fashion to those tell-tale Cheetle fingers, the cheesy goodness is a bond that unites many snack lovers. With the new Cheetos Duster, it is time to elevate that culinary creativity and make quick work of those Cheetos inspired recipes.

Over the years, both celebrity chefs and home cooks have used Cheetos in various recipes. From the simple coating of a chicken wing to flavoring mac and cheese to even The Spotted Cheetah’s Fried Green Tomatoes by Anne Burrell, the many dishes that can get a flavor boost from Cheetos are almost limitless.

But, the Cheetos prep to add that ingredient to a recipe is not always that easy. While some snack-infused dishes use crumbs or broken chip pieces, getting that fine Cheetle dust the right consistency takes more than just banging with a rolling pin. Luckily, the Cheetos Duster has come to the rescue.

Cheetos Duster
Cheetos Duster, photo provided by Cheetos /

A new kitchen essential available starting on November 21 via Amazon, the special device whirls the cheesy snack into a fine powder consistency. With just a touch of a button, it is done, and no one has to worry about smashing their fingers.

To be clear, it is a type of small blender. The bonus is that there is no worry about Cheetos add some flavor to that morning smoothie. Sometimes, having a specific cannister to avoid cross flavoring is a good idea.

As Cheetos fans purchase special offering, many people are wondering what recipes would be a great idea to make with all that finely blended cheesy dust. Luckily, the popular Frito-Lay snack as a bunch of ideas.

Some easy ideas are mozzarella sticks, turkey legs, or even a fine dusting over a mac and cheese. It could even season a burger or maybe get the kids to eat a serving of broccoli.

Cheetos Donuts using Cheetos Duster
Cheetos Donuts using Cheetos Duster, photo provided by Cheetos /

For a more daring idea, consider a Cheetos donut or cake. That combination of a Flamin’ Hot Cheetos dust and a chocolate icing is quite tasty. Do not knock it until you have tried it.

And, Cheetos dust on a cocktail rim is quite tasty. Consider combining Cheetos dust with Tajin on a Michelada. With the variety of creative garnishes on cocktails, there are plenty of uses available.

This holiday season give the Cheetos fan in your life the Cheetos Duster this holiday season. It will be available on November 21, while supplies last. Like many popular items, it might sell out quickly.