Hershey heats up the holiday season with new hot chocolate bomb

Hershey Holiday Candy offerings 2022, photo by Cristine Struble
Hershey Holiday Candy offerings 2022, photo by Cristine Struble /

From Hershey’s Kisses to the classic candy bar, Hershey and the holidays are a sweet tradition. New for this holiday season is the Hershey hot chocolate bomb and one flavor will bring some spice to the cheer. Isn’t it time to bring some extra sweetness to the season?

Many people have holiday food traditions. It might be grandma’s cookies or maybe someone really does love that fruit cake. While all those food choices have their place, holiday candy is the gift that cannot be resisted. From the bowl that always sits on the table to filling the stocking to the brim, there is always a reason to enjoy one of those sweet treats.

As Katie Behrman, associate brand manager, seasons, at The Hershey Company said, “The holidays are a special time where we can take a moment to relish in the traditions and enjoy seasonal treats that make the season so cherished. At Hershey, we know our products can help make these moments even sweeter. So, no matter how you celebrate this year, you can count on us to bring you some of our classic treats like HERSHEY’S KISSES milk chocolate and Reese’s Trees, and new holiday treats like hot chocolate bombs and Holiday-themed bars to enhance your favorite traditions.”

Ready to sip on the new Hershey Hot Chocolate Bomb?

This year, Hershey’s launched a new holiday treat, a Hot Chocolate Bomb. Available in two flavors, Milk Chocolate and Milk Chocolate Hot Chocolate Bomb with Cinnamon Flavor, it brings a little extra holiday magic to the traditional warm beverage.

Looking at these two offerings, the version with the cinnamon-flavored chips is a must try. For people who have not added a little cinnamon to a hot chocolate, they will fall in love with this flavor idea. The warm spice can make every sip just a little more comforting. It might be the flavor secret that home cooks borrow for future reference.

Hershey Hot Chocolate Bomb
Hershey Hot Chocolate Bomb for the holidays, photo provided by Hershey /

In addition to the new Hershey Hot Chocolate Bomb, the Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Holiday Bars capture all the holiday imagery. With 24 different seasonal images, the chocolate bars lend themselves to some sweet creativity.

While the chocolate bars will make a great addition as holiday gift wrap or in a stocking, it will add a little extra cheer to a dessert. Why not add a piece of the bar to a cookie or cake. Just think about decorating the side of a white iced holiday cake with all those little holiday images.

Also, several popular Hershey holiday treats are back. After a successful initial launch, the Grinch Kisses are back. This year, the special themed candies are available in a Tree-Shaped Gift Box. These Grinch candies are far better than the onions which the Grinch prefers.

And, no one can forget about those Reese’s Trees. The snack sized candies are perfect for that anytime treat. Never be sorry about enjoying a Reese’s.

The Hershey’s holiday candies are available while supplies last. Check with local retailers or online for availability and pricing.

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