Kinder Joy Avatar collaboration offers a playful world of discovery

Kinder Joy Avatar collaboration, photo provided by Kinder Joy
Kinder Joy Avatar collaboration, photo provided by Kinder Joy /

As the highly anticipated Avatar: The Way of the Water comes to theaters, the Kinder Joy Avatar collection brings that imagery and characters off the screen. When a sweet treat combines with discovery and imagination, playtime is even more special.

Since it arrived on store shelves, Kinder Joy was more than a creamy, hazelnut chocolate flavor with some crispy bites. Even just eating the treat is a type of choose your own adventure. As the spoon creates the perfect bite, it is about celebrating yourself, enjoying a moment, and just having a taste of fun.

With the new Kinder Joy Avatar collection, there are eight new Avatar inspired toys. In addition to the real world play to be had, the toys come to life via Applaydu, the augmented reality platform.

The characters included in this collection are:

  • Banshee Generic
  • Banshee Jake
  • Direhorse
  • Ilu
  • Jake
  • Leonopteryx
  • Nalutsa
  • Neytiri

Like space themed toys or other popular characters, the idea is to spark a conversation beyond just enjoying a sweet treat. The hope is that kids will use their imagination to see a world full of possibilities. Even if that Avatar world might be a fantasy, it is important to think, dream, and create.

It is interesting to see which toys are part of the Kinder Joy collaborations. From working with National Parks to Disney characters, each offering has a message in that iconic egg container. Although other toys in food might be a happy meal, the reality is everyone has to discover those happy moments and that comes through imagination.

The new Kinder Joy Avatar toys are available now through December. Check with national retailers for availability and pricing.

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What other collaborations would you like to see in a Kinder Joy? How do you get kids to spark their imagination?