Pepsi Nutmeg has fans curious for that new fiery flavor innovation

New Pepsi Nutmeg, photo provided by Pepsi
New Pepsi Nutmeg, photo provided by Pepsi /

While the kitchen might be full of baking spices, the new Pepsi Nutmeg has many people curious to pop open a can. Although everyone has learned that Pepsi makes food taste better, the flavor innovations have been fast and furious this year. As some lucky people get an opportunity to sip on this latest limited edition offering, what will people say of the skillful flavor combination?

Over the past year, Pepsi has pushed the creativity inside the can. From flavor stacking the S’mores offering to Maple Syrup to even that Cracker Jack option from last year, it seems that little twists on that iconic cola get people excited. Even though these special offerings may only appear for a short time, it gets people curious and thirsty.

The new Pepsi Nutmeg is the latest innovation to join the conversation. While many people might have plenty of nutmeg in their kitchen for holiday baking, this beverage is more than just a play on a cookie or a cake.

Pepsi describes the offering as appealing to “risk-takers who are thirsty for the unexpected and the rush of the game, captured in a can.” Although that sentiment might be lofty, it does make people want to pour one for themselves.

As Gustavo Reyna Pepsi’s Senior Director, Global Marketing, said, “Pepsi has always been known for fun and daring takes on our classic cola through the exploration of exciting flavor innovations. From Cherry, to Lime, to Nitro and now Nutmeg, we love pushing flavor boundaries! Pepsi Nutmeg is no different – innovation, fun and flavor at its finest and we are so excited to share with the world!”

Pepsi Nutmeg
New Pepsi Nutmeg, photo provided by Pepsi /

The new limited-edition flavor comes as part of its “Nutmeg Royale” football campaign. While the films celebrate the crafty moves on the pitch and the players who perfected them. Just like the skills require dedication to master and a little risk to make that first move, there is no reward for just sitting still.

This latest offering is designed to fit into the brand’s campaign of “Thirsty For More.” The idea behind this programming is to celebrate and foster people’s curiosity. Whether that unexpected moment comes from a particular flavor or the willingness to step beyond the norm can be debated. But, the idea is to never settle for the bland and boring.

For now, people wait for that first sip of Pepsi Nutmeg. How that blend of warm, nutty flavors with that sweet cola is enjoyed is up to each drinker. But, a vanilla float or even used as an ingredient in a chocolate cake might be a real winner.

Although details on how to snag one of these special cans was not shared, Pepsi urged fans to watch their social channels for more details.

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What do you think of Pepsi Nutmeg? Are you thirsty for more flavor innovation from the brand?