Three simple Thanksgiving leftover tips that everyone should use

Thanksgiving leftover tips, photo provided by Rubbermaid
Thanksgiving leftover tips, photo provided by Rubbermaid /

After the most flavorful turkey has been served and the bounty of side dishes have been eaten, the second or third meal that comes from that feast is craved by many people. Since food waste should be avoided at all costs, these simple Thanksgiving leftover tips can ensure that every food never goes to waste.

Although leftovers are often part of the daily dinner conversation, the holiday meal is different. From more people around the table to a larger amount of food, there is bound to be food left on the plate.

Thinking about those Thanksgiving leftovers, a couple simple tips can help keep them as fresh as possible. After all, no one wants to open the refrigerator to a container of mystery food.

To achieve the end goal, it might be easier to include the meal itself into the leftovers conversation. For example, why not use meal prep containers throughout the process. Items like Rubbermaid Takealongs are a simple solution. The compartmentalized storage containers take the confusion out of how to store all the items. It keeps everything in its place.

Also, the Rubbermaid Takealongs make reheating easy. It can go from refrigerator to microwave to table in minutes.

In addition to the ease of use, the Rubbermaid storage containers maintain an airtight seal. As home cooks have come to learn, an airtight seal is paramount to keeping food fresh.

Plus, many of the containers are easily stackable. That neat, efficient look helps to keep the leftovers front of mine in the refrigerator. No one wants anything to tumble out when the door opens or get pushed way back to the “lost corner.”

Lastly, if storage containers take up too much space, another option is to vacuum seal leftovers. According to FoodSaver, vacuum sealing food can extend its shelf life up to five times longer. If there is extra food, this option might ensure less food waste.

In addition, this method could make traveling with leftovers easier, too. The items are more compact, which can take up less space.

In the end, simple Thanksgiving leftover tips might be just as important as the preparation for the big feast. It might be best to remember to include it as part of the meal prep.