Celebrity Cruises Beyond dining invites guests to an immersive, flavorful experience

Le Petit Chef on Celebrity Cruises Beyond, photo provided by Cristine Struble
Le Petit Chef on Celebrity Cruises Beyond, photo provided by Cristine Struble /

As guests step onto Celebrity Cruises Beyond, an opulent experience awaits. Whether it is the lure of the martini bar with its expert bartenders putting on a show or the quiet moments watching the sun fade at the Sunset Bar, there is a hunger and a thirst waiting to be satisfied. Since these moments are more than just a simple nosh, the Celebrity Cruises Beyond dining pulls out the chair to an experience that engages all the senses.

Cruise dining has evolved over the years. It is more than just another endless buffet that invites guests to fill their plate after plate. Guests want that meal to be more than just food. It needs to capture the moment that is forever etched in the mind and the tastebuds. From the photo that is predominately featured on their social media account to the meal that they long to recreate at home, the dining is just as important as the ports of call.

The Celebrity Cruises Beyond dining chooses to push the food conversation forward. From the guest who wants an impeccable tasting menu created by the masterful Daniel Boulud to a fantasy world of Le Petit Chef where the table comes to life, it can be hard to experience all the dining options in just one trip.

Celebrity Cruises Beyond Dining flavors the imagination

Combining new and favorite dining experiences, the Celebrity Cruises Beyond Dining proves that cruise food is far from bland and boring. Even if a guest does not know a Michelin star from Bib Gourmand, it does not matter. It is the blend of deliciousness with engagement that makes the experience so flavorful.

For those guests fortunate enough to get a table at Daniel Boulud’s Le Voyage, the intimate dining space creates a culinary journey based on his culinary influences. With each table feeling like a little enclave, it invites the diners to put away expectations and focus on the moment.

Celebrity Cruises Beyond Dining Le Voyage
Le Voyage on Celebrity Cruises Beyond, photo by Cristine Struble /

Even though the various dishes are intricate combination of ingredients, none of them are over overworked. Like a conductor who can balance the quiet moments with the rousing crescendo, each dish and the progression are in perfect harmony.

While Le Voyage might be the sophisticated dining, Le Petit Chef is where whimsy meets deliciousness. In a carefully orchestrated restaurant wide dining experience, the imagery projected on the table crafts a story both on and off the plate.

Celebrity Cruises Beyond Dining Le Petit Chef
Celebrity Cruises Beyond Dining, Le Petit Chef, second course, photo by Cristine Struble /

The French inspired dishes are quite tasty. Although the food choices are limited, they are necessary to show how a chef paints his “canvas” with color and texture. While many chefs and restaurants have been inspired by art, music, and culture, this story-telling feels fresh.

And, for diners uncertain that this dining experience is geared towards a younger crowd, they should push aside that notion. This concept is far from a cartoonish depiction of food and fantasy.

Although many guests are familiar with Eden and its nighttime escapes, Eden the restaurant is quite tempting. It delights guests with a bounty from the garden. Highlighting both robust and delicate flavors, it proves that fruits and vegetables do not need to play second fiddle to a protein.

Eden on Celebrity Cruises Beyond
Eden on Celebrity Cruises Beyond, photo by Cristine Struble /

Even though the entrees are quite hearty, it is the appetizers that bring the creativity. For anyone who is over another plate of risotto, they need to try the Truffled Huitalcoche Risotto. It takes that traditional dish in a very different direction.

These Celebrity Cruises Beyond dining options join other restaurants, like the always popular Raw on 5, Fine Cut, and main dining options. The plethora of food choices proves that Celebrity Cruises has contemplated every detail and wants to satisfy every guest’s craving on board.

Even though the choices are vast, it is inclusive without being overwhelming. The tables are set, the chair is open, and the plate is waiting to be served. Are you ready to accept the invitation to dine?