PEEPS Holiday ideas bring extra sweetness to the table

PEEPS Holiday recipes, photo provided by PEEPS
PEEPS Holiday recipes, photo provided by PEEPS /

While PEEPS might be an Easter staple, that springtime holiday isn’t the only time to enjoy those sugary, marshmallow treats. Although some people might want a plate of holiday cookies, these PEEPS Holiday ideas bring a little extra sweetness to the season.

Over the years, the traditional PEEPS chicks have had many “sweet friends” join the Just Born family. In addition, those various shapes came in new flavors. For the holiday season, traditional imagery and favorite flavors take over the marshmallow treats.

Some of the holiday offerings include Snowmen, Trees, Gingerbread Men and Stockings. These holiday images can be used to transform gingerbread houses, holiday desserts, or just floated in a cup of hot chocolate. For anyone who loves that sugar coated marshmallow offering, this holiday treat has to be enjoyed before Santa arrives.

Since the holiday imagery makes a bold visual statement, the Holiday PEEPS lend themselves to some culinary creativity. Just think of the hot cocoa board that gets an instant upgrade with this addition.

On the brand’s website, it offers several PEEPS holiday ideas that will bring some extra cheer for the holiday season. While the décor for a gingerbread house or the hot chocolate is an obvious choice, the PEEPS pancakes will get a huge response at the breakfast table. This simple idea swaps the treats for all that syrup. It might not be one of the elves’ signature food groups, but it definitely brings some holiday cheer.

For those people who prefer some limited time flavors, PEEPS is offering Candy Cane Flavored Marshmallow Chicks. These treats capture that favorite flavor without worrying about taking off that wrapper.

In addition, there are two PEEPS Delights offerings for the holidays. Those items are Double Hot Chocolate Marshmallow Dipped in Dark Chocolate and Peppermint Bark Flavored Marshmallow Dipped in Dark Chocolate

All the PEEPS holiday treats are available on the PEEPS website and at various other retailers.