Holiday meal kits can wipe away the cooking stress

Blue Apron Holiday Roast, photo provided by Blue Apron
Blue Apron Holiday Roast, photo provided by Blue Apron /

After the Thanksgiving feast, many people might be ready to walk away from the kitchen for a long time. From feeling overwhelmed to uncertainty on cooking techniques, the carefully constructed meal might have tasted delicious but it can have left an unpleasant taste for crafting the feast. For those people looking to remove the overwhelming feelings from the table, holiday meal kits can wipe away that cooking stress.

Without having to step into a store, there are a myriad of food companies that offer holiday meal kits. Of course, places like Costco, Sam’s Club, and even the local grocery store have a variety of options for purchase. But, other companies like Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, and Home Chef are more than just the heat and serve option.

With many of the meal service companies, the experience goes beyond that single celebratory meal. Granted, the pre-portioned, pre-prepped, simple to follow instructions are almost fool proof (is is best to follow the directions well and not be distracted).

More importantly, these meal kits can be the building blocks to becoming a better cook. From understanding how to season to cooking temperatures to even finally mastering a gravy that does not look like sludge, it can be a foundation for the love of home cooking. It does not have to be an instant epiphany. But, it could be the first step away from takeout.

holiday meal kits by Blue Apron
Blue Apron Holiday Roast, photo provided by Blue Apron /

Tasty holiday meal kits that will get rave reviews

Blue Apron Holiday Roast Box

While families might be well versed with the Blue Apron Disney inspired boxes, the Holiday Roast Box is far better than any roast beef. This box featured a trimmed roast beef tenderloin and a variety sides, including the always popular cheesy potato bake.

More importantly, the recipe cards can be kept for future reference. If those honey-orange glazed carrots got the family to eat an extra serving of vegetables, that dish can come back in the New Year, too.

The Blue Apron Holiday Roast Box is available now. It retails for $179.99 plus shipping.

Home Chef

With many recipes curated by Rachael Ray, Home Chef has quickly become a family favorite. Never too stuffy, the dinners blend nostalgic with ease of preparation. It might not necessarily be that 30 minute meal, but it is better than a day of meal prep.

While Home Chef focuses more on weeknight dinners, many of the options are perfect for a holiday meal. Simply answer the questions and get ready to step into the kitchen.


After a huge Thanksgiving Feast, HelloFresh always has a special offer waiting to be enjoyed. While its monthly meals tend to follow more of a style of eating, aka family friendly, veggie or even quick and easy, the holiday offerings tend to be a whole feast.

One big benefit for these meals is that the brand is conscious to lessen food waste. All the portioned ingredients will be used. Plus, many of the recipes are ones that are based on the familiar.

When that big food event is on the calendar, skip the stress. Holiday meal kits can make the whole process easy and leave more time for the festivities around the feast.