Here’s how to score a free Whopper at Burger King

When it is someone’s birthday, it often involves them receiving gifts. For Burger King, it is celebrating the Whopper’s 65th birthday by gifting guests a free Whopper. Here’s how to score a free Whopper at Burger King.

Although it might seem like a scene from that favorite childhood book, having it your way at BK might include some free Whopper “raining” down on everyone. To be clear, Burger King is not literally dropping burgers from the sky, but it is giving away a lot of free food.

According to the quick service restaurant, the 65th Whopper birthday celebration includes airdropping 65,000 codes for free Whopper sandwiches in Times Square and on its socials. For those people in New York City, the free codes can be airdropped directly to their phones (if airdrop is activated). Everyone else can head to Burger King’s Instagram account for free Whopper codes.

This offer is available while supplies last. The free codes will appear starting at 11:30 am EST and will be available until the supply is gone or 11:59 p.m. EST, whichever happens first. Once claimed, the coupon can be redeemed until 12/7/22 via the BK App.

Free Whopper offer at Burger King

Burger King Free Whopper promotion for the burger’s 65th Birthday, photo provided by Burger King

Last year, Burger King offered Whoppers at the roll back price of just 37 cents, which was the burger’s original price back in 1957. While much has changed over the past 65 years, the classic menu offering still delivers what guests crave, a flame grilled patty with fresh ingredients made their way.

Still, over the years, Burger King has evolved that classic burger. From the first quick service restaurant to embrace the plant-based meat trend to the bold flavors of the Ghost Pepper Whopper, that menu item remains relevant by embracing food trends.

More importantly, Burger King has always been the quick service restaurant who encouraged guests to have it “your way.” That willingness to give guests what they want and how they want it is an integral part of why people head to BK.

For now, 65,000 people will be enjoying a free Whopper at Burger King to celebrate the burger’s birthday. Will one of them be you?