Heinz encourages restaurant guests to request a better condiment choice

Tip for Heinz restaurant promotion, photo provided by Heinz
Tip for Heinz restaurant promotion, photo provided by Heinz /

From that juicy cheeseburger to those crispy French fries, many people grab ketchup as their preferred condiment. But, as many people can attest, not all ketchups are the same. While the home pantry might hold that preferred brand, restaurants may not always have that particular choice. With the Tip for Heinz promotion, a small note could make a big change.

Consumers have a powerful voice. Even though The Menu might portray a chef with a maniacal point of view, the reality is that guests often can influence the dining experience. Although the long list of customizations might be a bit much for any kitchen, a simple request to have a favorite condiment on the table might be within reach.

Just like some people have a preferred soda (Coca-Cola or Pepsi can be a defining beverage choice), the same can be said about ketchup. Whether one has slightly more sweetness or another has a thicker texture, even if the label is missing ketchup connoisseurs will know the difference.

In a recent announcement, Heinz wants to encourage its fans to ask for that particular condiment when they are dining out. Through the “Tip for Heinz,” the hope is that people’s voices could cause a menu revolution.

Tip for Heinz promotion
Tip for Heinz restaurant promotion, photo provided by Heinz /

According to a recent Heinz survey, “three in four North Americans prefer Heinz Ketchup when dining out, yet nearly half feel there is nothing they can do when restaurants don’t carry their beloved condiment.” While that preference is clear, not every restaurant holds the same opinion. Through this program, the condiment brand is hoping to make a change.

According to Jacqueline Chao, Senior Brand Manager, Heinz, “Gone are the days of subjecting delicious foods to subpar ketchup. We support Americans who demand more from the condiments restaurants serve, and ‘Tip for Heinz’ aims to elevate fans’ voices for their preferred ketchup. Together with fellow ketchup lovers, we hope to work towards a future where fans can expect the unmistakably delicious taste of Heinz whenever they dine out.”

The Tip for Heinz asks restaurant guests to add an extra $1 Tip for Heinz on their receipt. To be clear, this $1 is in addition to other gratuity for service. Guests can upload an image of their receipt to tipforheinz.com for a chance at full gratuity reimbursement up to $20. More details on this promotion can be found on the website.

In addition, Heinz is encouraging restaurants to make the switch too. “Heinz is offering to provide a FREE year’s supply of ketchup to the first ten restaurant locations that take the ‘tip’ and trade up their ketchup.” It will be interesting to see how quickly some restaurants make the change.

This promotion is another example of food fans making their voices heard. Over the past year, favorite food menu items have returned thanks to people being vocal. Going forward, it will be interesting to see how this food trend continues.

For now, do not compromise on condiments. Your tastebuds will thank you.