Coca-Cola Dreamworld is techno-colored, whimsical refreshment

Coca-Cola Dreamworld, photo provided by Coke
Coca-Cola Dreamworld, photo provided by Coke /

While the sandman might make promises that the night is never over, Coca-Cola Dreamworld is a beverage that looks to open the doors to fully immersive experience. For those willing to embrace the beat, the newest offering from the Coca-Cola Creations line-up has many people ready to peek into this techno-colored world.

The Coca-Cola Creations line has taken the refreshment experience in a different direction. From blasting off into the intergalactic world with Coca-Cola Starlight to pixelated creations with Coke Byte, the iconic beverage brand proves that refreshment is more than just a drink. There is a mindset to choosing a particular option.

With the latest offering, Coca-Cola Dreamworld, the beverage looks to tap into that moment where the improbable is possible. Whether it is a fantasy diversion moment or the captivating images that fill a restful slumber, dreams can be more than they seem.

Although some people can do a deep dive into the concepts of Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud, who have provided theories on dream imagery, the reality is that dreams are the brain’s moment to express something that words might be unable to do. Whether it is a longing for special, a willingness to work through an obstacle, or just a diversion from the grind, those moments can help address some inner truths.

While a single beverage cannot solve the world’s problems, the Coca-Cola Dreamworld blends a beverage with an immersive experience. Scanning the QR code invites people into the digital hub. From an AR Music Experience to digital wearable collection, the bridge between the fantasy and reality is getting shorter. Whether it is an escape, a diversion or just a moment of enchantment, dreams are getting closer to reality.

What does Coca-Cola Dreamworld taste like?

Since people crave refreshment beyond the digital experience, cracking open a can of Coca-Cola Dreamworld is necessary. Although the brand has found ways of capturing a sip of space and a burst of byte, putting dreams into flavor may not be quite as easy as it seems.

Based on the can’s colors, turquoise blues and bright pinks, there is a techno-colored vibe. It might not be Miami Vice or Barbie-dreamworld, but there is something fun and engaging about the look. It is almost like that moment when you first wake up but want to go back to that night escapism.

Having tried the zero-sugar version, the flavor is a little sweet. Although the colors might suggest a tropical slant, there is more of a citrus candy feel. The Coca-Cola flavor still comes through but there is an underlying taste that is refreshing. Similar to a dream that longs to unlock a touch of mystery, this flavor has a feeling that makes you want to go back and discover more.

The Coca-Cola Dreamworld limited edition offering will hit store shelves soon. It is unclear how long the special Coca-Cola Creations flavor will be available.

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Ready to sip off to dreamworld? What fantasy beverage flavor would you like to create?