Lunchables Holiday Packs bring extra sparkle to the festive season

Lunchables Holiday Packs, photo provided by Lunchables
Lunchables Holiday Packs, photo provided by Lunchables /

As the trees go up and the lights are strung, the holidays come to life. While children might ponder over that perfect wish list, parents might be dreading their own to-do lists. Although Santa can make it across the globe in a jiffy, the normal person does not have his magical abilities to stretch those hours a little further. Luckily, Lunchables Holiday Packs could be a parents’ holiday miracle when life becomes a little too hectic.

Whether it is bringing in that holiday gift that needs to be hidden till Christmas morning or just longing for a moment to sip on that hot chocolate, parents are looking for ways to distract kids for just a minute, or two. Even though that smart device might work, sometimes the screen is not the best answer. Another creative outlet, with the benefit of curbing hunger, is the perfect solution.

The Lunchables Holiday Packs are the stress-less solution to holiday chaos. From curbing that hangry feeling to keep the kids engaged for a few minutes, parents might want to stock the fridge with these holiday essentials.

According to Erin Fitzgerald, Brand Manager, Lunchables, “Parents are our biggest partners in continuing our mission to fuel kids’ creativity and imaginations. This holiday season, it is time for us to help power them forward, provide a little comic relief and give them the opportunity to take a few extra minutes to tackle whatever the holiday season may throw at them.”

Lunchables Holiday Packs
Lunchables Holiday Packs, photo provided by Lunchables /

What are the Lunchables Holiday Packs?

Available in three options, the Lunchables Holiday Packs bring a little levity to help alleviate that holiday stress. The three options are Son of a Nutcracker! I Forgot to Hide the Elf! (Extra Cheesy Pizza), It’s December 24, Where’s the Wrench?! (Turkey and American Cracker Stackers with cookies), and How is the Gift Still Two States Away?! (Ham and Cheddar Cracker Stackers with cookies).

While the kids might not see the humor in the names, the parents will get the sentiment. After all, the parents are the ones who are ultimately making the food purchase.

In addition to the humorous names, the concept captures the fun and imagination that can be had with Lunchables. It might be one of the few options where playing with your food is encouraged. From a holiday train to a penguin to even Santa’s sleigh, a little imagination and a willingness to have fun is all that is needed. And, just maybe parents will have a moment or two to get something done on their to-do list during the quiet moments.

The Lunchables Holiday Packs are available at Since the kids might not get the humor in the labels, parents might want to remove them before serving.