What is a dressed beer and should you try one?

Dos Equis dressed beer, photo provided by Dos Equis
Dos Equis dressed beer, photo provided by Dos Equis /

While some people blindly grab any beer from the cooler, other people are quite particular regarding the beverage in their hand. Putting aside the preference for a lager, IPA, or even a stout, there is another term that got some attention during a recent college football game. What is a dressed beer and is it a beverage that deserves a second sip?

During a recent Texas A&M game one fan was seen adding some seasoning to his Dos Equis beer. While some people were aghast over this concept, others were intrigued. Dos Equis has gone as far putting out an inquiry to find this infamous fan.

As seen on social media, #XXGigEmDressEm, the Mexican beer brand wants to reward this particular fan. More importantly, everyone wants to know what secret spice did he use to dress his beer. Inquiring minds are thirsty to know all the beer details.

While moment happened during a Texas A&M game, the idea of a dressed beer is not a new concept. Simply stated, it is the putting some citrus and salt around the rim of a beer. It is often used in Latin America to improve the taste of a lager. The mild flavors with the salt and lime usually work best.

Trying this idea with a stout or a porter would be ill advised. If that beer flavor wouldn’t pair well with citrus, it might be best to not take the squeeze.

Dos Equis dressed beer
Dos Equis dressed beer, photo provided by Dos Equis /

Although a simple dressed beer is just citrus and salt, many people have taken this idea to a bolder flavor profile. From a sprinkle of Tajin to a bold blend of spices, the options are many. At the same time, the idea is to enhance the beer not overpower it. No matter how much flavor is on the can or bottle cannot make up for a bad beer.

Should you try a dressed beer? Like anything that is raised to your lips, it is about personal preference. If it doesn’t hit the spot, you could always just pour the beer into another glass.