New Lucky Charms S’mores and Hot Wheels Cereal bring excitement to the New Year

Lucky Charms S’mores, photo provided by General Mills
Lucky Charms S’mores, photo provided by General Mills /

The delightfully magically delicious cereal is getting a flavor upgrade for the new year. Even though January might be a little chilly for s’mores by the fire, the new Lucky Charms S’mores will have everyone cheering. And, if that sweet cereal wasn’t enough good news, the new Hot Wheels Cereal will be racing onto store shelves, too.

Over the years, Lucky Charms has transformed its classic cereal beyond the original concept. From seasonal offerings to new marshmallows, the little twist makes that cereal bowl feel new and exciting.

The newest offering coming in January is Lucky Charms S’mores. While the marshmallows are still in the bowl, graham pieces and chocolatey cereal are added to the mix.

Lucky Charms S’mores by General Mills
Lucky Charms S’mores, photo provided by General Mills /

Although this idea is a cereal, it lends itself to more than just the box. From a snack mix to a component in a simple dessert, many people will want to buy two boxes. And, even if the parents are still squeamish about s’mores after watching The Menu, this cereal could make them smile again.

The Hot Wheels Cereal is perfect for the car love. In addition to being a tasty treat, it is the ability to create a Hot Wheels town and customizable race cars that make buying all four boxes a must. It turns meal time into an imaginative adventure.

While some parents might remember all the fun on the back of the cereal box, this Hot Wheels Cereal is more than just a simple word search. It is the encouragement to think beyond the bowl and bowl. Seeing common items in a new way sparks imagination. There is no need for a screen. It is time to put those hands to work and see what is possible.

These new General Mills cereals will be hitting store shelves in the New Year. Check with retailers for availability.