Christina Tosi says this pantry staple is her simple baking essential

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From her delicious Milk Bar creations to her impeccable recipes in her cookbook All About Cookies, Christina Tosi makes her delicious desserts look easy. While she has shelves lined with the best ingredients, one simple baking essential might be the most versatile item. It is time for the home baker to discover its usefulness.

Christina Tosi has longed believed in breaking down barriers to make baking more accessible at home. As seen on her Instagram account, her tutorials offer swaps. After all, a stand mixer is not required to make a great cookie.

From holiday baking to National Cookie Day, many people are excited to whip up some tasty treats. While a great recipe is the first starting point, another simple baking essential might not be the first thought. According to Tosi, Ziploc bags are one of the most versatile items that she uses in the kitchen.

Christina Tosi shares three ways that she uses this simple baking essential

Ziploc bags are versatile

According to Tosi, she uses Ziploc bags for a multitude of items because they are versatile. From rolling dough to crushing graham crackers to piping frosting, there is no need to purchase specialty items when this simple solution is already in the kitchen. Plus, it is a classic storage and sharing solution.

Fresh cookies ready to bake

Tosi recommends making extra cookie dough and freezing it in a Ziploc bag. This concept means that there is ready made dough available when the craving hit.

One key item to remember when freezing cookie dough. Tosi said that it is imperative to roll it flavor. That method helps make the dough easy to use when the time is ready.

How to keep cookies fresh longer

After all the effort to make the perfect cookie, no one wants them to go to waste. Tosi’s trick to keep cookies fresh for days and day is easy. She said to add a piece of bread into an airtight Ziploc bag. This method will keep cookies soft and chewy longer.

It is time to get baking this holiday season. With this simple baking essential, Santa’s plate will be overflowing with options this year.