Little Caesars wants to win the Detroit Style Pizza battle

Little Caesars starts a Detroit Style Pizza Battle, photo provided by Little Caesars
Little Caesars starts a Detroit Style Pizza Battle, photo provided by Little Caesars /

While the chicken sandwich wars have pitted quick service restaurants against each other, a pizza war might be on the horizon. With this pizza offer from Little Caesars, the brand wants to reign supreme in the Detroit Style Pizza Battle. Will the real deal win over pizza fans?

Many people have a favorite pizza style. From the foldable New York style to the Chicago deep dish, the lovers sing their praises while others can be highly critical of the other pizzas. Sometimes the style can be more hotly debated than the pizza toppings.

Although some people might prefer to support that local restaurant, larger pizza chains often bring the particular styles to a larger audience. While families might have that preferred order, sometimes people are willing to try something new.

Little Caesars has long brought value to the table. From the Hot and Ready options to the special promotions, the brand believes that pizza night shouldn’t empty the wallet.

Recently, Detroit Style Pizza has come to various pizza chains, but Little Caesars wants people to slice a little deeper when it comes to that regional style pizza. Since the company is headquartered in Detroit, it wants to put its pizza up against the competition.

Detroit Style Pizza Battle by Little Caesars
Little Caesars starts a Detroit Style Pizza Battle, photo provided by Little Caesars /

As Greg Hamilton, Chief Marketing Officer at Little Caesars said, “We take our Detroit roots seriously. We’re proud of our heritage and happy to bring Detroit-style pizza to all of America at an incredible value.”

To kick off this Detroit Style Pizza Battle, Little Caesars is offering guests a huge deal to try their version. With a little humorous lawyer campaign, people can report pizza imposters and receive a special deal.

According to the Little Caesars, here is the offer: “Pizza lovers can call 1-800-428-DEEP or visit to “report their issue,” and they will be directed to a dedicated website to upload their receipts from other pizza chains where they ordered deep dish pizza.” Then, they will receive a $3 off promo code and their next Detroit Style Pizza will be just $5.99.

Whether charging $12.99 or more for this style of pizza is a food injustice can be debated, but the promotion does have some humor. Plus, if the promotion gets people to switch their order, it is a win.

Given that cost can be a food purchase driver, many people might take advantage of this promotion or even order the pizza based on the value. $8.99 for a whole pizza is a favorable choice for some people.

Detroit Style Pizza battle might be the newest food war coming to quick service restaurants. Whether consumers are hungry for another slice of this competition remains to be seen.