Tasty pizza trends that will have you craving another slice

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Whether it is Friday night dinner or just a craving for that perfect slice, pizza is always on the menu. For many people, pizza is the perfect food. From the crust to the toppings and from breakfast to dinner, many people would rather enjoy a slice than another boring dish. But, what pizza trends will be taking over that plate in the near future?

At the recent Pizza Expo, Hormel’s Pizza Expert, Anthony Panichelli, found five pizza trends that deserve to moment to taste. While some trends might have already arrived at the table, the reality is that these food options might be more prevalent going into the fall.

Which of these pizza trends make you excited to take a bite?

Plant-Based Pizza Toppings

From Pizza Hut to Little Caesars, more pizzas are piling on the plant-based food toppings. From sausage to pepperoni, the options are more than just a pile of greens.

Since Hormel knows about great tasting pepperoni, it is putting its expertise to the test. The Happy Little Plants pepperoni-style topping is a bold flavor in the plant-based food space. Blending the seasonings of paprika, garlic and peppers, this flavorful offering could make even that staunch carnivore satisfied.

Seeded Crusts

For some people, the crust is the best part of the pizza. Whether you eat it first or save it for the last bite, a great pizza is nothing without its crust.

Some of the pizza trends include seeded crusts. From that Everything Seasoning to even just some sesame seeds, the options are many. Just make sure that the flavors do not overwhelm each other.

Infused Fresh Cream

Sometimes that slice of pizza needs to feel like the most decadent bite. Fresh cream can elevate that flavor. In some ways, that cream can highlight the brightness of fresh tomatoes or bring out the herbaceous notes. It turns pizza into a culinary adventure.

Cacio e Pepe

Cacio e Pepe is celebrated for its simplicity. That idea of celebrating the ingredients is coming to the pizza slice. For example, Frank Tuttolomondo from Mama’s Too! in New York City has brought this idea to life. For those close by, it is definitely worth a trip.

Hot Honey

While some people might put ranch on pizza, hot honey is the condiment that isn’t a fading food trend. That simple margherita pizza with a little drizzle is quite satisfying. Whether pairing it with a lager or an Aperol Spritz, this flavor combination needs to remain part of the pizza eating experience.

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These pizza trends are just a few ideas that will be filling that food feed. Even if you never stray from your favorite pizza restaurant, maybe one order can have a little different twist. It doesn’t mean that the favorite pizza left in the oven. The twist just might make that favorite pie even taste better.