A new favorite fast food restaurant has been crowned for 2022

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(Photo by Ashley Chan/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images) /

While many people enjoy hitting the drive-thru for their favorite burger, chicken sandwich, or even cup of coffee, there might be a sense of loyalty combined with that convenience. Even if it seems that there is a restaurant on every corner, in the airport or up and down the block, there can be a reason why one person picks that Big Mac over the Whopper. In a recent survey by Betsperts, America’s favorite fast food restaurant has been crowned for 2022.

Whether it is called fast food or quick service restaurant, the ability to get convenient food at a reasonable price calls many consumers. From people who prefer to keep the stove off or are too busy to hit the grocery store, that food order satisfies a hunger. But, not all options are the same.

While some fast food restaurants have Made to Crave menu items and others have classic offerings that always satisfy, the variety of options on the menu can sometimes be overwhelming. Even though special promotions invite people to go out of their way to save on food, it seems that the favorite fast food restaurant is more about routine.

According to Betsperts, the favorite fast food restaurant in America for 2022 is Starbucks. As seen in its study, almost half other states search for Starbucks most often. In addition, it was the “most popular fast food in the top five most populated US states.”

Following behind Starbucks was McDonald’s and Chick-fil-A. The study did reveal that “McDonald’s is the world’s favorite fast food restaurant, taking first place in 29 countries.” It seems that those Big Macs, World Famous Fries, and Happy Meals still call to a large audience.

While this one survey captures a particular segment, the results seem to show that coffee is a huge sales driver. Even though Starbucks might have an expensive price point, people continue to thirst for it. From those seasonal beverages to the sweet Frappuccino, people need that coffee fix.

With over $200 billion spent on fast food, it seems that the drive-thru will continue to call guests. Whether people choose based on convenience, price, or just a favorite food remains to be seen. But, availability to those options might continue to drive the rankings on the favorite fast food restaurant list. Maybe more people would run to Dunkin if those stores were as populated as Starbucks.