Pinterest Predicts 2023 food and beverage trends have a flavorful aesthetic

Pinterest Predicts 2023 trends, photo provided by Pinterest
Pinterest Predicts 2023 trends, photo provided by Pinterest /

As one year ends, the coming year’s food and beverage trends are waiting to take over everyone’s table conversation. While the butter board might have people dipping till their hearts content and the espresso martini might continually fill the glass, newer flavors are ready to take over. The Pinterest Predicts 2023 food and beverage trends are ready to sprout a new conversation.

Over the past several years, Pinterest Predicts has paved the way for the hottest food and beverage takes. Long before plant-based food was the norm and vibrant, global flavors filled the plate, Pinterest showcased creators who were putting those conversations front and center. As a positive, safe space for content creators, the social media platform invites people to see what is possible, embrace that idea, and adapt an element of it into their world.

Even though this annual list is well-founded speculation, the Pinterest list has predicted correctly eight out of 10 trends over the past three years. Whether the social media platform has its finger on the pulse of the food world or something else, this list is something to ponder going into 2023.

Pinterest Predicts 2023 food and beverage trends
Pinterest Predicts 2023 food and beverage trends, photo provided by Pinterest /

Three Pinterest Predicts 2023 food and beverage trends to watch.


Desserts are often a feast for the eyes as much as they are a delicious bite. The visual entices that craving. The Wildflours trend brings stunning florals to the plate. Instead of flowers that can whither, these bouqakes are aesthetically pleasing and delicious.

Daisy cupcakes, wildflower cupcakes, and even sage green cupcakes are highly searched terms. This Valentine’s Day might have a different dozen arriving as the most desirable gift.

Drink how and when you want

The old saying about variety being the spice of life seems to apply to the beverages in the glass. Mocktails, cocktails, and low-ABV beverages sit side by side. Driven by Gen X, people are wanting to have it all. As more flavorful mocktails and low or no ABV beverages become available, the cocktail shaker can sit empty.

Finding ways to bring flavor to beverages is key. From creative cocktail garnishes to fancy ice cubes, the glass is overflowing with choices. It isn’t about choosing one over another, it is about appreciating the variety and creativity that is available.

Vitamin Seaweed

While many people appreciate that healthy eating means eating the rainbow, adding more super foods into a balanced diet is taking a dip into the ocean. From green algae to seaweed snacks, the benefits of those ocean-based foods are being served in robust proportions. Even though this item might be a staple in some cuisines, many cooks are finding innovative ways to add the flavors to the recipe repertoire.

These Pinterest Predicts 2023 food and beverage trends are just a few of the many items in this year’s trend list. From lifestyle to travel to beauty, Pinterest is the positive space for people to explore what is possible. Isn’t it time to see what is waiting in those boards?