Holiday Baking Championship Season 9 adds a new challenge that no one expected

(Photo by Ali Jadallah/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)
(Photo by Ali Jadallah/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images) /

As Holiday Baking Championship Season 9 approaches the finale, many people are wondering which bakers will earn the coveted Food Network title. With only a few more challenges left, the bakers are feeling fatigued. In the second to last episode of the season, Food Network fans were shocked with a new challenge entered the conversation. Move over pre-heat and main heat. It is time for the re-heat.

In the penultimate episode of Holiday Baking Championship Season 9 added a third challenge to this episode. The “re-heat” asked the bakers to transform a store-bought cake into a holiday inspired bite that will impress the judges. Although the bakers did not have to “bake,” transforming a pre-made cake is not as easy as it seems.

Before cutting into this cake-over idea, the addition of a third challenge in an episode is a new twist for Holiday Baking Championship Season 9. At this point in the competition, it is very unexpected. Although there have been a few questionable outcomes, like seeing a top baker fall terribly in last week’s challenge, the reality is that this Food Network seasonal offering needs a little extra excitement. All the bakers are likeable, there have been only a handful of horrible mistakes, and a home baker could walk away with the title. A little twist in the kitchen isn’t Grinchy. It is warranted.

Even through the re-bake did not result in a baker being sent home and the winning advantage was not used, the concept shown in the re-bake is helpful for holiday hosts. Although cake decorating is never easy, this revamped cake idea could be a holiday baking savior.

Granted, many people have tried to pass off store bought cookies as their own, this concept is more like a semi-homemade treat. Whether or not home bakers add new fillings or soaks to the cake can be debated, but turning that store bought cake into a holiday masterpiece is totally doable.

Even if the vibrant birthday balloons have to be scraped off, a basic white cake can easily be made a holiday present. Wilton offers a wide variety of cake decorating options that can make even the artistically challenged into a star. With just a tip on a pre-made icing pouch can help. Making a border might be easier than drawing a straight line.

Adding little touches like gold spray, sprinkles, or even some sugar trees is easy. Even if the imagery is a little more abstract than still life, it is ok. The idea is to convey the festive sentiment of the season.

Unlike the main heat in the penultimate Holiday Baking Championship Season 9 episode, this baking challenge is something that anyone can master. Leave the croquembouche to the professionals and let that store bought cake become a holiday masterpiece.