OREO Gluten Free Mint becomes the newest permanent flavor

OREO Gluten Free Mint join the brand's cookie line-up, photo provided by OREO
OREO Gluten Free Mint join the brand's cookie line-up, photo provided by OREO /

After OREO debuted Gluten Free sandwich cookies in 2021, many people wondered which flavors will join the line. Although OREO has expanded its seasonal, limited-edition cookies in the classic brand, the Gluten Free option felt a little left out of the conversation. As seen in a recent company announcement, OREO Gluten Free Mint will always be available to satisfy that craving.

According to OREO, the OREO Gluten Free Mint Chocolate Sandwich Cookies will come to stores in January 2023. As a permanent addition to the brand’s line-up, it will be available wherever OREO sandwich cookies are sold.

While the original flavor OREO Gluten Free cookies were well-received, it felt limited next to the other robust flavor offerings. Even though the brand found a way to fill the specialty food void, the reality is that an additional flavor was warranted.

Adding the mint flavor seems like a smart choice when presented with the many options across the OREO line-up. The OREO mint flavor is subtle yet bright and refreshing.

OREO Gluten Free Mint
OREO Gluten Free Mint join the brand’s cookie line-up, photo provided by OREO /

Mint is a classic flavor, it blends well with the chocolate wafer, and it is versatile. Whether enjoyed on its own or incorporated into a dessert, many people love that chocolate and mint flavor combination.

Although this flavor addition will have people excited, it can lead some people to speculate that the Gluten Free line could be expanded even further. Even if a simultaneous Gluten Free and traditional cookie limited edition launch might not be plausible, there are many ways to fill the shelf with more options. While changing the crème center is an obvious choice, wouldn’t it be nice if OREO added a Golden Gluten Free option.

With one year closing and another beginning, OREO might have many sweet treats waiting to be revealed. There could be plenty of reasons to twist, dunk, and enjoy another cookie.