2023 Monin Flavor of the Year will get a rise from your tastebuds

2023 Monin Flavor of the Year, Hot Honey, photo provided by Monin
2023 Monin Flavor of the Year, Hot Honey, photo provided by Monin /

After the 2022 Monin Flavor of the Year, Passion Fruit, tempted food lovers to explore that tropical fruit, next year looks to take the tastebuds in a different direction. It is time to awaken the palate and heat up the flavor experience. The 2023 Monin Flavor of the Year is Hot Honey.

While hot honey is not necessarily a new food coming to the table, Monin is creating its syrup to be approachable not only to a variety of palates but also to numerous food and beverage applications. From enhancing a cocktail or mocktail to creating a robust sauce for a dish, there are plenty of options that will put a bottle to good use.

According to Bill Lombardo, CEO of Monin Americas, “There’s a growing consumer interest in the combination of sweet and spicy flavors. We are confident that this trend will continue to rapidly integrate into more applications and more menus in 2023.”

The Monin Hot Honey Syrup gets its heat from jalapeno peppers. That choice makes the spice level approachable. It brings the warmth without being overpowering. When combined with organic wildflower honey, the sweet heat can easily be incorporated into a variety of recipes.

As Stasha Johnston, senior vice president of marketing said, “As we enter a new year, people are craving spice and simple joys that deliver an element of surprise to create a delightful experience.”

2023 Monin Flavor of the Year Hot Honey
2023 Monin Flavor of the Year, Hot Honey, photo provided by Monin /

To celebrate the 2023 Monin Flavor of the Year announcement, the brand shared some tasty, creative recipes that highlight the Hot Honey Syrup. One interesting idea is a twist on that always popular Frappe.

More like a milkshake, the flavor makes that sippable treat feel a little more “adult.” Although there is no alcohol in this beverage, it feels grownup yet familiar. It definitely captures the spice and simple joys with a little surprise that linger.

Here’s how to make a Hot Honey Frappe


  • 1 ½ oz. Monin® Neutral Beverage Base
  • 1 oz. Monin® Hot Honey Syrup
  • 2 scoops Vanilla Ice Cream
  • 1 oz. Milk
  • 8 oz. Ice


Honey stir stick, honey, whipped cream


Blend / Ice Cream (no ice)

1.Add ingredients into blender cup in order listed.

2.Cap and blend until smooth.

3.Pour into serving glass, add garnish and serve

Since mocktails continue to be part of the conversation as the rise of the “Blenders” influence beverage trends, the Hot Honey Soda is a simple choice that packs big flavor.

Simply combining the Monin Hot Honey Syrup with Club Soda is delightful. This idea can be transformed in many ways. Even, an alcoholic version, with a vodka, would be equally delightful.

2023 is heating up and the 2023 Monin Flavor of the Year, Hot Honey Syrup is waiting to be poured. What will you make with this offering?