VAHDAM India Tea pours the perfect tea to celebrate Emily in Paris


As the new season of Emily in Paris comes to Netflix, VAHDAM India Tea unveiled a new Emily in Paris Limited Edition Gift Set that will surprise and delight any fan. While it might not guarantee a perfect love affair or require a fabulous wardrobe, each offering captures the essence of Emily Cooper. It is time put down the wine glass, let the tea steep and savor the moment of escapism.

Included in the VAHDAM India Tea special collection, there are four flavors that were crafted especially for this collaboration. Since food and fashion are always a winning pair, these teas are dressed to impress. The vintage suitcase design captures the Parisan vibe and entices the drinker to open, steep, and be immersed into the total tea experience.

The four tea favors are: La Vie En Rose, Ingénue Violet, Voila! Vanilla and Le French Earl Grey. While these tea blends might not be as bubbly as the bottle of “champere,” the nuanced flavors seem to capture the vibrant Parisan life through a combination of florals, fruits, and spices.

While name gives an assumption of the primary flavor, La Vie En Rose captures the rose petals in a lovely way. With a slight tartness from cranberry and pomegranate, the tea has some people tickled pink.

For the herbal tea lover, the Voila! Vanilla tea has a slight sweetness from vanilla, cocoa nibs and a touch of candy. While the florals add that herbceous quality, it feels as if it captures the sweetness of a good life.

The most vibrant offering in the line, the Ingénue Violet is a tisane tea that brings the colorful world to the tea cup. Blending hibiscus, lavender, blue pea and blue cornflower, it is a feast for the eyes and a delight to sip.

The brand is offering the following items in the line:

Emily in Paris Gift Set + Tumbler, $99.99

Emily in Paris Gift Set, $79.99

Individual Tin Tea Caddies, $19.99

More information and how to purchase can be found at the VAHDAM India tea website.