Chef David Rose shares last minute holiday cooking tips that keep the stress out of the kitchen

Chef David Rose for Omaha Steaks, photo provided by Omaha Steaks
Chef David Rose for Omaha Steaks, photo provided by Omaha Steaks /

From the seasoned chef to the newbie cook, holiday cooking tips can make those moments in the kitchen less stressful. Even if the holiday food television shows make that picture perfect table look effortless, the reality might feel different in the home kitchen. Luckily, Chef David Rose, from Omaha Steaks, has some last-minute holiday cooking guidance that is the ultimate food gift this year.

From the holiday event to a special occasion to even just Sunday family dinners, Omaha Steaks is a mainstay in many people’s homes. While everyone appreciates the flavor and value that the food brand offers, it is often the convenience of having that dinner ready and waiting that makes people turn to the brand over and over again.

With the big event approaching, FoodSided asked Chef David Rose for some last-minute holiday cooking tips to ensure that the everything goes smoothly. While the celebrated chef knows his way around the kitchen, there was one concept that ensures everything goes smoothly. It really comes down to planning.

Chef Rose said, “planning ahead of time is key. Prep as much as you can the day before. Whether it is that macaroni and cheese, another side dish or even dessert, that preparation is key.”

While the professional chef appreciates mise en place, everything in its place, the reality is that this concept is something a home cook can easily adopt. As Chef Rose said, “when you’re clean, organized, focused, everything is more efficient. You’re not running around like a chicken with its head cut off.”

Adding onto that concept, Chef Rose said that home cooks should not be afraid to get a little help. Adding a few store bought or pre-made items to the meal can be a huge stress reducer. Whether it is an Omaha Steaks dessert, like the apple tarts, or a simple side dish like those hashbrowns, it can allow the home cook to focus on the bigger part of the meal.

Chef David Rose shares the secret to keeping a protein juicy and flavorful.

As many cooks make the final preparation for that holiday feast, Chef David Rose shared a secret that can help ensure a more flavorful meal. Since Omaha Steaks come frozen, it is imperative to thaw that food correctly. Even if the time is short, the proper method is imperative.

According to Chef Rose, it is best to thaw ingredients in the refrigerator. This process “allows the protein to retain more of its natural juices and all those juices means that there is flavor.” The concept is similar to why it is imperative for meat to rest prior to cutting it. No one wants the flavor to run out on the cutting board. The proteins should not lack flavor before it hits the pan.

But, everyone has had that “forgotten” moment when it is almost time to cook and the protein is still frozen. Chef Rose recommends to slowly thaw the meat (sealed in the packaging) in water. The process is quicker than the refrigerator process, but it should be done with care. Never submerge a product in super hot water. Overall, idea is to keep things as gentle as possible.

The most important advice that Chef Rose wants everyone to remember is to avoid thawing proteins on the kitchen counter. This process will not produce the best results.

Still, some cooks might be concerned that the “oops” moment could derail the holiday meal. While chefs appreciate that the “pivot” is second nature in the kitchen, the home cook needs to appreciate that everything will work out. Even if an item is still frozen, the roast gets too “roasted” or something else, there are plenty of other Omaha Steaks items that can substituted in a pinch. It is the tasty reason why they should be a staple in the freezer.

The best gift that cooks can give to themselves is to embrace the mistake. Perfection is not as tasty as the spirited conversation around the table. Luckily, those moments are always full of flavor.