When does Walmart close on Christmas Eve 2022?

(Photo by Kena Betancur/VIEWpress via Getty Images)
(Photo by Kena Betancur/VIEWpress via Getty Images) /

Whether there was a last minute addition to Santa’s wish list or a forgotten item for that Feast of the Seven Fishes, Walmart can be that last minute shopping destination to save the holiday. But, the popular store may not have that 24 hour service available for the holiday. When does Walmart close on Christmas Eve?

According to the brand, Walmart will close on Christmas Eve at 6 p.m. While store hours may vary, the reality is that Santa cannot make a late night stop at the local store. Everyone will be home in the bed dreaming of sugar plums, something tasty, or another holiday treat.

Even though that late night purchase might be off the table, the reality is that Walmart has helped many shoppers this holiday season. Earlier this holiday season, Walmart announced its inflation-free baskets.

Available through December 26, these inflation-free food baskets have helped shoppers keep that budget from soaring too high. Stacked with favorite holiday food, it was a gesture that was well-received by most shoppers.

For example, Walmart shared that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states the $5.65 is the average per pound price of ham this year. Even a smaller ham can be a hefty purchase.

At Walmart, the Brown Sugar Double Glazed Bone-In-Spiral-Cut Ham is just $2.28 a pound. That difference in price makes a huge difference in a family’s food budget.

The savings does not stop at the main protein. From the sides to the dessert, the whole meal is affordable. It might even leave a few extra dollars for a special treat. Maybe even a second dessert for that extra indulgence.

All the Walmart Holiday Meal basket offerings can be found online at www.Walmart.com/HolidayMeal. These items might not necessarily be listed in that letter to Santa, but buying these holiday baskets will keep people off that naughty list.