ALDI jumpstarts eating more vegetables with tasty January Finds

Priano Vegetable Lasagna is part of ALDI January Finds, photo provided by ALDI
Priano Vegetable Lasagna is part of ALDI January Finds, photo provided by ALDI /

After the ball drops and the holiday cookie crumbs have been swept away, healthy eating takes over the table. Whether it is a restart, resolution, or another reason to eat more vegetables, the ALDI January Finds are sprouting with tons of options. Ready to fill that cart?

For anyone making changes to their healthy eating routine, there can be some easy ways to make that path a successful one. One simple way to kickstart the process is filling the fridge and pantry with smart food options. If those choices are within reach, and other less desirable choices are not available, the healthy eating path is clear.

Luckily, ALDI kickstarts this concept with many tasty January Finds. There is a bounty from the garden. More importantly, the choices are ones that make the switch easy. After all, healthy eating should bever feel like a chore.

ALDI January Finds include Priano Vegetable Lasagna
Priano Vegetable Lasagna is part of ALDI January Finds, photo provided by ALDI /

For example, on those chilly nights, lasagna is a favorite comfort food. The Priano Vegetable Lasagna is a great choice. It delivers the cheesy, creamy goodness yet has a few more vegetables in the mix. Consider serving this option with a side salad for an even bigger veggie boost.

A similar idea is seen with the Earth Grown Vegan Ravioli, Banza Four Cheese Chickpea Crust Pizza, and Earth Grown Vegetable Pot Stickers. These food choices make transitioning to vegetable forward dishes easier. When small steps are manageable, the changes might be more permanent. After all, many resolutions need a reset by mid-January because they were too difficult to manage.

In addition to these vegetable forward choices, other ALDI January Finds include Earthly Grains Cauliflower Rice, Vive Organic Immunity Boost Original Shot, and Whole & Simple Tahini & Chickpea or Edamame Protein Bowl. Basically, the beginning of the new year is all about putting that healthy eating target in focus. When great flavor and value come together, it is a win for everyone.

Ready to jumpstart the healthy eating campaign for 2023? ALDI January Finds ensure that the cart is full, and the wallet isn’t empty.