Does food for mood transform healthy eating into a total lifestyle approach?

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Healthy eating and Whole Foods have long been partners, but Food for Mood is a new total lifestyle approach to food mindfulness. In collaboration with Headspace, the new platform integrates “mindful shopping, cooking and eating” into a new series that proves a healthy lifestyle needs to address the whole picture. Is it time to make a change?

Food can be more than sustenance. Even though hunger and cravings can create a longing for a particular flavor, dish or recipe, other moments are different. How many times in the past year have you sat on the couch, eating and not realized that the bag of popcorn is empty, the sleeve of cookies is gone, and the container of ice cream is devoured? Granted, you wanted a taste, but that bite turned into an overindulgence. Were you eating or just trying to fill a void?

With the Food for Mood programming, Whole Foods and Headspace look to bring more mindfulness into the food conversation. Putting aside the mood boosting type foods, this program takes a broader approach. Appreciating the how and why people connect with food could be the key to unlocking a consistent healthy eating lifestyle.

79% of consumers want to eat more mindfully, but is it food for mood?

While turning the calendar to a new year often comes with food resolutions, those January 1 commitments might have been forgotten. As spring blossoms, Whole Foods and Headspace are giving everyone an opportunity to start anew with this program Food for Mood.

Kylie Bentley, registered dietitian and team leader for Nutrition & Compliance at Whole Foods Market, said, “After a year of dramatically shifting routines and priorities, we know customers are eager to reprioritize well-being, and the beginning of spring is a great time to reset your meals and renew your mind.” Finding that spark to re-set the concept is key to embracing that healthy eating total lifestyle approach.

As seen in the Whole Foods IGTV recipe series, Food for Mood will focus on “four positive moods: joyful, energized, focused and relaxed.” Each program will feature food, recipes and concepts to boost those feelings in easy and approachable ways.

Eve Lewis, Headspace director of meditation, said, “Mindful eating is so much more than just paying attention to our food — it encompasses finding joy and inspiration in our shopping, being present and intentional with our meal preparation, savoring what’s on our plate and developing a greater awareness of how it makes us feel or contributes to our well-being.”

While this program might not make you instantly put down that big bowl of ice cream, it might make you be more thoughtful when portioning out the serving. Or, it could inspire some new healthy eating food choices during the next shopping trip. Overall, it is a reminder that everyone has the power to chose, why not make good for you choices that can make you feel better.

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Food for Mood programming is available on Whole Foods Instagram page and more information can be found at

How important is healthy eating to your lifestyle? Do good food choice impact your mood?